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Yamaha NMax 155 First Ride Review: Mammoth of a Machine!

Scooter is considered as a more practical alternative to a motorcycle. In contrast, the scooter comes with boot space, easier to control, and relatively more convenient.

For most of us, that is great value for money. However, for some of us, we want a scooter that does more!

You might ask yourself, why would I want more?

Let’s imagine a simple scenario. You are on a ride-along with your friend. Moreover, you have a scooter and your friends travel on a motorcycle.

If that wasn’t enough already, your friends are equipped with 150cc-250cc bikes with crazy performance numbers. However, you are stuck with a 125cc scooter.

In such cases, the cons of owning a scooter are more apparent.

For those cases, Yamaha has launched the all-new Yamaha NMax 155. Surprisingly, Yamaha NMax is here to tackle that exact problem: an underpowered scooter.

Well, how will it do that?

Three words: Powerful Engine, Dual-channel ABS, and Kick-ass looks! On a side note, Yamaha NMax is available in three different colors: Grey, Black, and Red.

Lucky for us, we got an opportunity to take the beast out for a test ride. While we are still hard at work for the Yamaha NMax 155 Full Review. Till then, we hope to keep you occupied with the simple First Ride Review.

Yamaha NMax 155: Background

Before we dive a little deeper into this mammoth of a machine. Let’s start with the basics.

Yamaha NMax is a maxi-scooter. Basically, it is a bigger scooter with a larger frame and a higher capacity engine. Comparatively, it does more than just commuting.

Isn’t Suzuki Burgman a maxi-scooter?

Nope! Suzuki Burgman is just a normal scooter, with Suzuki Access 125 engine, with a maxi-scooter design.

In contrast, Yamaha NMax is a genuine max-scooter, made with a powerful engine and enough features to make one’s mouth water. As for the pricing, the Yamaha NMax price in Nepal is Rs. 4,59,900.

HEY! Isn’t that a little too expensive for a scooter?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Honestly, we are here to find out just that! So, let’s begin!

Yamaha NMax 155 Powerful Engine

Yamaha NMax 155 is powered by a 155cc Liquid-Cooled, 4V, Blue Core Engine. On top of that, it’s Yamaha’s Fuel Injection system. Moreover, it can generate a max power of 14.75Nm at 8000rpm and 14.4Nm at 6000rpm. Furthermore, it comes with a max fuel capacity of 6.6-liters.

Additionally, it will feature Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). It will improve torque on low speeds and power at high speeds! Well, that sounds familiar? It is because the actual engine has been carried over from the iconic Yamaha R15 v3.

I kid you not!

Yamaha NMax features the same exact engine as the iconic R15 v3 engine. However, it is essential to point out that while the torque figures are on par with the Yamaha R15 performance numbers. However, the power figures are not.

Yamaha NMax Design

Yamaha NMax follows a unique design language. Basically, it is one of those quirky maxi-scooter designs.

On the front, it gets a massive blacked-out windshield, larger white-LED Lights, and indicators. The overall design follows a simplistic edgy design. Honestly, the overall design language is pretty unique without being all “in your face”.

yamaha nmax headlight
Yamaha NMax Headlight

On the side, the distinctiveness continues. It gets a sharper exhaust pipe, carbon fiber finishing, and premium footpegs.

Interestingly, you don’t get the standard foot space that you normally get with a scooter. Instead, you get a bulge at the center for the fuel tank. Oh, that’s right! You get a fuel opener on the front like the one you do on a motorcycle! Plus, you gotta put your feet up like on a cruiser!

Finally, on the back, it looks like a modified Yamaha Fascino with that tail lamp. Other than that, everything else is pretty nice!

Like the Yamaha R15 v3, people on the street notice it from afar. Again, compared to other scooters, NMax has its own presence on the street, which is often difficult to replicate.

For one reason or the next, I simply prefer to call it, the Yamaha R15 of the scooters. On the contrary, some prefer to call it as a Power Ranger motorcycle, which I simply can’t deny.

Yamaha NMax Features

Staying true to the Yamaha name, NMax comes packing with enough features to make your mouth water!

For starters, you get dual-disc braking on both larger 13-inch wheels! But that’s not all! Moreover, you also get a Dual-channel Anti-Lock Braking System. Likewise, you get a Triple LED Headlight, Full LCD Digital Instrument Cluster, Maxi-Scooter Compartment, Premium Seats, Side Stand Engine Cut Off Switch, and LED Taillamps!

Yamaha NMax 155 Instrument Cluster
Yamaha NMax 155 Instrument Cluster

Talking about the instrument cluster, it shows dynamic fuel mileage, average fuel mileage, trip meters, riding style, and so much more. Interestingly, the fully digital instrument cluster does not support any type of navigation.

Since there aren’t any specific tutorials explaining NMax’s multifunctional instrument cluster on Youtube, we will do that in our FULL REVIEW.

nmax brakes
Dual Channel ABS

Yamaha NMax First Ride: Mero Experience

I got an opportunity to ride the new Yamaha NMax for almost an hour or so.

Right off the bat, the scooter feels so lightweight. Despite the gigantic headlamp, it feels so natural and easy to maneuver. Surprisingly, it is pretty easy on cornering.

Likewise, the acceleration is smooth and the pick-up is justified for a 150cc scooter. It just glides through the traffic and tough spot with relative ease.

With the on-board Dual-channel ABS, I didn’t even hesitate to push the scooter to its limit! I was so comfortable with the scooter.

I do think that Yamaha NMax has ruin 125cc scooters for me.

Honestly, Yamaha NMax has the looks, the features, almost everything.

But the question remains on every mind, “Is it worth the price?”

With the exact price of Yamaha R15 v3, why would anyone choose a scooter over a sports machine? Well, that’s a story for another day.

Don’t worry, we’ll try our very best to address that and much more in our Full Review Video.

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