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Nepal First FI +Dual Channel ABS Scooter, Yamaha NMAX 155, to Launch in Nepal Soon

“Yamaha NMAX will launch in Nepal”

You might’ve heard those rumors going all the way back to NADA Auto Show 2019. While you might’ve heard everyone say it, Yamaha officials were quick enough to cut those rumors in the bud. However, there’s a new twist in the story, the one with MAW Enterprises, the authorized distributors of Yamaha motorcycles in Nepal, confirming the news!

That’s right! Yamaha NMAX 155 will launch in Nepal. Although, the official pricing and the launch date has been kept under the warp. The overall news is a good one!

yamaha nmax 155 price in nepal

But we can’t help answer those “when?” and “how much?” questions among ourselves. But before we do that, let’s take a quick look at everything we need to know about the all-new Yamaha NMAX 155.

#1. Powerful Engine

If you didn’t know, Yamaha NMAX is called a Maxi-Scooter. Basically, you get a bigger scooter with a larger frame and a higher capacity engine. Theoretically, you get a scooter meant for touring!

We were fortunate enough to see it in the Suzuki Burgman. Interestingly, it was launched by Suzuki, making a mainstream debut in the Maxi-Scooter market. However, it was just a Suzuki Access engine in a Maxi-Scooter body.

In contrast, Yamaha NMAX is stated to be an actual max-scooter. Additionally, it will be powered by a 155cc Liquid-Cooled FI Blue Core Engine. Moreover, it can generate a max power of 14.75Nm at 8000rpm and 14.4Nm at 6000rpm. Furthermore, it comes with a max fuel capacity of 6.6-liters.

Additionally, it will feature Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). It will improve torque on low speeds and power at high speeds!

#2. Best-in-class Safety

Right off the bat, you get dual-disc braking on both 13-inch wheels! While most of you might have been satisfied with that, Yamaha NMAX takes it a step further!

Are you ready for this?

Yamaha NMAX comes with a dual-channel ABS! That’s right! it gets an actual dual-channel ABS Braking System over the usual Combi-Braking System. Since it is a 155cc scooter, it should come as no surprise to see such inclusion.

#3. Modern Features

Like the improves safety features, Yamaha 155 takes features a step further.

In Yamaha NMAX 155, you get a Triple LED Headlight, Full LCD Digital Instrument Cluster, Maxi-Scooter Compartment, Premium Seats, Side Stand Engine Cut Off Switch, and LED Taillamps!

Honestly, it definitely looks and feels unique than anything we’ve seen before! The overall design gives it a true maxi-scooter vibe. Plus, it comes with an equally powerful engine to match that appeal.

#4. Yamaha NMAX Pricing

Let’s be honest here… Every feature in Yamaha NMAX has surpassed any scooter to launch in Nepal. Interestingly, there is none to rival the Yamaha NMAX if it were to launch in Nepal.

Uh… Suzuki Burgman? Hah! Nope. Yamaha NMAX offers double in terms of engine, features, and performance.

Unfortunately, that means double pricing. Right now, Yamaha NMAX price in Nepal is anybody’s guess. Since it comes with such a unique list of features, I’d say, it is going to be hell-a premium!

Try to put a price on “155cc FI Engine, Disc Brakes, Dual-Channel ABS, among others.” How much are we willing to pay for those?

If I had to guess, I’d say that the Yamaha NMAX 155 price in Nepal would be somewhere between Rs. 3 Lakhs – 3.5 Lakhs… maybe even more.

Since it’s the year 2020 already, we’ll find out soon enough.

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