Abhishek Gupta | 

Abhishek is the Cofounder and CEO at TechLekh. He has been blogging for over 3 years on different aspects of technology. His interests include digital media, blogging, programming, PHP and web designing. He loves to meet new people, know their insights and gain knowledge from their experience.

Subigya Nepal | 

Subigya is the Cofounder and CTO at TechLekh. He is interested in all things Computer. He is currently pursuing his undergrad in Computer Science and occasionally blogs at

Prabina Neupane | 

Prabina leads the Articles Team at TechLekh. She loves to interact with new people and hears their experiences. She believes “The more you observe things, the more you learn.” Apart from writing, she likes reading novels and exploring nature.

Umang Raj Gurung | 

Umang is the Head of Creative Design Team at TechLekh. He dreams of obtaining the latest, powerful and sleek gadgets for each of his interests – gaming, programing, video editing and general media consumption.

Anmol Shrestha | 

Anmol is the Head of the Gadgets Team at TechLekh. He reviews various gadgets for TechLekh and is mainly interested in gaming gears, techs used in extreme sports, and e-gaming. Apart from Tech, music is the only other thing that he loves the most.

Suyog Shrestha | 

Suyog is a Writer at TechLekh. He writes mainly about gadgets, startups, and tech events in Nepal. He wants to contribute to the growing tech industry in Nepal by writing and sharing information about tech in Nepal. Apart from being a writer, he loves composing music and playing PC games.

Bardan Gurung 

Bardan is an Adobe lover from PS to AE and everything in between. He is a core member of Creative Desing Team at TechLekh. He is into Videography and VFX editing. He likes the idea of turning nothing into something and the feeling that comes with it. He is also into e-gaming.

Sushil Awale | 

Sushil is an Editor at TechLekh and is also working as an Editor-in-chief at Sushil is fascinated by how collaboration between technology and entrepreneurship is solving some of the pressing problems in the world today and spends most of his time researching and reading on the subject matter. Apart from this, he loves cycling and watching the Premier League.

Prakriti Shree Tuladhar |  

Prakriti S. Tuladhar is a writer at TechLekh and a student at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Prior to Techlekh, she was involved with DwitNews where she worked as an editor. She covers startups, interviews and events in the website. She’s particularly interested to write about startups as she loves the will and spirit in new companies and looks forward to promoting them and learning from them.

Raman Maharjan | 

Raman is a writer at TechLekh. He is currently pursuing his undergrad in Computer Science. He loves gadgets and often stays up late at night to watch the latest gadget releases. Besides the interest in gadgets, his ears always crave for good music.

Jubindra K.C |

Jubindra is a Writer at TechLekh. He is an android enthusiast who loves to follow the latest trends and development of smartphones. He shares a deep interest in the world of programming. Apart from tech world, he loves to write stories, listen to music and play video games.

Akankshya Upadhyay |  

Akankshya Upadhyay is a News Reader at TechLekh. She also has been presenting news for DWIT News since 2014. Besides news reading, she maintains a great interest in food, travel, and dance.

Seema Lama |  

Seema is a presenter and writer at TechLekh.She presents news about various tech related events, gadgets, startups and trending technology of Nepal. Beside presenting news, she also writes articles. She wants to acquire knowledge about technology and stay updated.

Osheen Shrestha | 

Osheen Shrestha is a Writer at TechLekh. She is currently studying Computer Science and writing for as well. She finds coding fascinating because she believes that it helps to increase the thinking capacity of the human brain. She believes in the power of information and wants to empower the Nepalese people with the use of the internet.

Saras Karanjit | 

Saras is a Video Editor at TechLekh. Since he started testing his skills on editing, which will be for more than 2 years now, he has been fascinated by the scope of the limitless creativity. He is a foodie and a guy who lives around sarcasm and puns.

Sushant Chitrakar | 

Sushant is a Marketing Manager at TechLekh. He is currently doing his undergraduate course in Computer Science and Information Technology. He is into sports, science, video games and philosophy. He is also interested in front-end programming. Introverted personality has never left his side since his childhood which can be the reason for his analytical traits.

Ronit Pradhan | 

Ronit Pradhan, the Marketing Manager at TechLekh, is a gaming enthusiast who loves experimenting. He loves to travel and his interests include sports, music, e-gaming and photography.

Supriya Dhakal | 

Supriya is a social media handler at techlekh. You wouldn’t believe it looking at her size but she is a huge foodie who loves to travel and read at the side.

Ashmita Thapa | 

Ashmita Thapa is a Writer at TechLekh. She writes reviews on popular Nepali applications, tech News, and events in Nepal. She is an individual thriving to establish her own identity.

Former Members

Utkrista KC

There is spunk in her that no one can steal. She is a cheerful and poised person. Dancing is her passion. She loves traveling, and natural scenery always takes her breath away. Each day, she aims at being better than the previous day and competes with herself. Her open-mindedness, sincerity, humility and intense willingness to learn have made her what she is today. Lastly, she says, “Writing is a skill, I caught up. Now, it is your turn.”

Ankit Pradhan 

He is a fun loving person. He likes to be alone sometimes thinking about the things he is going through, he had done or his future plans. His hobbies are playing action games on the PC, visiting new places, tasting different kinds of foods and making friends.

Navaraj Kharel 

He is an open-minded person and loves challenges. He is a freedom seeker and loves to do things the way he wants to do. He likes to stay fit and healthy. He is interested in behavioral and child psychology. He loves reading novels, watching movies, listening to music, writing and tech news.

Sanjeev Budha 

He is a computer science student. He loves technology. He aims to do something revolutionary in the technological field. He loves writing and reading techie stuff.

Kundan Shumsher Rana 

He is a fun loving and happy go lucky person. He is a tech enthusiast and loves reading about new and innovative ideas that storm into the tech world.

Ashish Chettri

He loves playing football and joking around. He believes that writing is a strong weapon and one can use it to voice for/against something. It can be used to encourage others and support them. He also likes to read fantasy novels, manga and tech news.

Sanjeev Mainali

He is an undergrad student, studying B.Sc.CSIT. He is a jolly person and loves to sing.

Iris Pokharel 

Iris defines himself as an extrovert. He loves writing, travelling and making friends. He believes in rationalization. He says, “Writing is the best way to express what you are, you can be boundless and harness your creativity power through the medium of writing. So believe in yourself and keep writing!”

Prajjwal Sthapit 

He is passionate about sports, movies, and games. He is currently studying computer science. He loves to play basketball, football, read comics and surf through the internet. He likes reading articles of various things like sports, technology and anything interesting. He is shy and a lazy person but does like to learn new stuff once in a while. He worked in Techlekh as an editor.

Dipal Malla 

Dipal is a tech enthusiast who loves exploring new things and people. His hobby includes photography, singing and traveling.

Ashish Khanal 

My name’s Ashish Khanal, currently studying at DWIT. I like to tell people stories and write about tech that I find interesting. Also, I am into gaming a little bit.

Abhushan Gautam

Abhushan, a former Editor of DWIT NEWS Pvt. Ltd, is a writer at TechLekh. He specializes in gaming and is heavily invested in e-sports. Apart from mindless gaming, he also enjoys technology and gadgets as a whole.

Sashank Shakya

Sashank is a writer at TechLekh. Only two things interest him; things with wheels and an engine, and things with displays. Sashank is always curious to know what’s inside. He is fascinated by how the little things make a huge difference to make our lives easier and humans lazier.

Subhamrit Bimali

I am very passionate about biking. I am fond of playing PC games, especially Need For Speed series. I enjoy spending time watching anime and football. I believe in the motto “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Sneha Parajuli 

Sneha is a Writer at TechLekh. She is currently pursuing her undergrad in Computer Science. She keeps up-to-date to the latest News in Technology and is particularly interested in start-up stories as she aspires to be an entrepreneur one day. Apart from this, she loves travelling and exploring new places and watching series.