Abhishek Gupta | [email protected][dot]com

Abhishek is the Cofounder and CEO at TechLekh. He has been blogging for over 3 years on different aspects of technology. His interests include digital media, blogging, programming, PHP and web designing. He loves to meet new people, know their insights and gain knowledge from their experience.

Subigya Nepal | [email protected][dot]com

Subigya is the Cofounder and CTO at TechLekh. He is a Computer geek and hence, is interested in all things Computer. He is currently pursuing his undergrad in Computer Science and like Abhishek, he has had blogging experience spanning to last 6 years. He occasionally blogs at, if and when he can find the time.

Anmol Shrestha | [email protected][dot]com

Anmol is the Head of the Gadgets Team at TechLekh. He reviews various gadgets for TechLekh and is mainly interested in gaming gears, techs used in extreme sports, and e-gaming. Apart from Tech, music is the only other thing that he loves the most.

Ronit Pradhan | [email protected][dot]com

Ronit Pradhan, the Marketing Manager at TechLekh, is a gaming enthusiast who loves experimenting. He loves to travel and his interests include sports, music, e-gaming, and photography.

Prabina Neupane | [email protected][dot]com

Prabina leads the Articles Team at TechLekh. She loves to interact with new people and hears their experiences. She believes “The more you observe things, the more you learn.” Apart from writing, she likes reading novels and exploring nature.

Suyog Shrestha | [email protected][dot]com

Suyog is a Writer at TechLekh. He writes mainly about gadgets, startups, and tech events in Nepal. He wants to contribute to the growing tech industry in Nepal by writing and sharing information about tech in Nepal. Apart from being a writer, he loves composing music and playing PC games.

Prakriti Shree Tuladhar | [email protected][dot]com

Prakriti S. Tuladhar is a writer at TechLekh and a student at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Prior to TechLekh, she was involved with DwitNews where she worked as an editor. She covers start-ups, interviews, and events on the website. She’s particularly interested in writing about startups as she loves the will and spirit in new companies and looks forward to promoting them and learning from them.

Jubindra K.C | [email protected]@techlekh[dot]com

Jubindra is a Writer at TechLekh. He is an android enthusiast who loves to follow the latest trends and development of smartphones. He shares a deep interest in the world of programming. Apart from the tech world, he loves to write stories, listen to music and play video games.

Seema Lama | [email protected][dot]com

Seema is a presenter and writer at TechLekh.She presents news about various tech-related events, gadgets, startups and trending technology of Nepal. Beside presenting news, she also writes articles. She wants to acquire knowledge about technology and stay updated.

Saras Karanjit | [email protected][dot]com

Saras is a Video Editor at TechLekh. Since he started testing his skills on editing, which will be for more than 2 years now, he has been fascinated by the scope of the limitless creativity. He is a foodie and a guy who lives around sarcasm and puns.

Supriya Dhakal | supriya@techlekh[dot]com

Supriya is a social media handler at TechLekh. You wouldn’t believe it looking at her size but she is a huge foodie who loves to travel and read at the side.

Subham Dhakal | [email protected][dot]com

Subham is a Writer at TechLekh. He is a computer science student currently in his bachelor’s level. He is keen on exploring the latest gadgets. His inspirations are MarZuckerbergrg and Steves Jobs. Apart from this, he is interested in music as well.

Shreya Sapkota | [email protected][dot]com

Shreya is a Writer at TechLekh and currently an undergrad student at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. Besides TechLekh, she is also working as an editor in DWIT  News. She is a mobile app enthusiast and enjoys learning about the different application. She has a wide range of interests and enjoys life to the fullest.

Maunta Rani Gautam | [email protected][dot]com

Maunta is a Computer Science student who keeps knee interest in exploring the latest gadgets and technology. Writing fancies her the most and she believes that sharing thoughts is the best way to learn from each other.