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Digital Parking Service May Soon be Available in Kathmandu

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has plans to build a digital parking space in New Road area and Durbarmarg in the upcoming months.

Why it matters:

  • The digital parking system will allow users to book and pay for a parking space via a mobile app. The application has already gained interest from four IT companies and they are interested to build the app for the project.
  • According to Yadav Prasad Koirala, the chief executive officer at the KMC, the study for the project has already been completed and they will soon be inviting a tender for the project.

The details:

  • The New Road area and Durbarmarg area are one of the most crowded places in the capital where parking spaces are hard to come by. KMC came up with this plan to resolve the issue.
  • The parking facility is to be built along the Aakash Bhairab-Bishal Bazar-RB Complex street in New Road, and along either side of the street in Durbarmarg.
  • According to Mahesh Kafle, chief of Public-Private Partnership division of the KMC, with this system, the same person will not be allowed to occupy a parking space for long amounts of time as the app will also record the parking duration.

One more thing:

According to Mayor Bidhya Sundar Shakya, KMC is also planning to build a multi-story parking facility on an 890 sq. meter property that it owns at Dharmapath in New Road.

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