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KMC to Build Automated Car Parking System

To reduce the heavy traffic, Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC) has planned to provide the people with a multi-storey automated car parking system in Dharmapath, reports The Himalayan Times.

The system is a mechanical system designed to minimise the area required for parking cars and providing parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically.

The automated car parking system that will hold an area of 15 ana land will be constructed under two years at the cost of Rs. 90 million under public-private partnership model. The nine-storey building will have the capacity to hold up to 200 cars at a time. The system designed to minimize the area required for cars is expected to control and manage the traffic caused by improper parking.

“KMC also plans to build a multi-storey parking lot in Teku, but it would not be an automated one,” said Joint spokesperson for KMC Nama Raj Dhakal. Unmanaged traffic is a major problem in the valley currently.

It is not the first time KMC has put forward such construction proposal. Proposal to build three multi-storey parking system at New Road, Khullamanch and Lainchaur are its past proposal. Underground parking in New Road under the cost of Rs. 550 million and multi-storey parking system in Kullamanch are the proposals which have been staying only in between papers.

Heavy traffic has become a huge issue in the capital and the completion of this project is expected to play a major in solving the problem. Moreover, the construction will also play a vital role in making Kathmandu a smart city.

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