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Swastima Khadka and Pradeep Khadka Appointed as Brand Ambassadors for TVS NTorq: What’s The Point?

I’m going to assume that everyone knows about TVS NTroq, right?

On September 2018, Jagadamba Motors, the authorized distributors of TVS motorcycles in Nepal, launched the revolutionary TVS Ntorq 125 in Nepal.

Yes, that was almost a year ago. In just a single year, NTorq has successfully established the entire TVS brand into a household name, continuing to sell like hotcakes in winter morning!

Apparently, TVS doesn’t want to slow down! At a press meet, Jagadamba Motors announced the two new Brand Ambassadors for TVS Ntorq, Swastima Khadka, and Pradeep Khadka. Both shared their excitement to be a part of the TVS family!

If you didn’t know, both Sawstima Khadka and Pradeep Khadka are the leading actress and actors, playing fan-favorite characters behind the silver screen.

In order to be a brand ambassador, you need to be well-known and well-loved by the general public. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if the TVS tries to hire us, the TechLekh Team, someday.

Don’t worry… we hope to get there soon!

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Product Brand Ambassador: What’s The Point?

Anyways, the entire concept of making a popular celebrity as a brand ambassador isn’t new. Honestly, it is quite more common internationally, when compared to our Nepal.

Although it is an old concept, it has been picking up speed in Nepal. A few years ago, Benelli Nepal appointed Anmol KC, a popular mainstream actor, as its official brand ambassador. Likewise, TVS Nepal also appointed Nikhil Upreti, another popular actor, as its official brand ambassador for TVS Stryker 125.

Personally, I don’t think that it really boosts the sales numbers that much… maybe a little. I’m sure, it will boost brand recognition and name-value all the while keeping the investors happy.

But… is that it? Maybe, it’s below my pay-grade to understand how product marketing actually works. Maybe, I’m just being ignorant.

However, I do strongly believe that if your product is good, people are going to buy it regardless. Similarly, if your product is crap, even hiring the Queen of the United Kingdom as your brand ambassador, won’t be good enough to save your company from going under.

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