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Buses in Pokhara City Equipped With GPS

Pokhara Bus Entrepreneurs Committee along with Nextzone International Pvt Ltd have worked together to install GPS technology in Pokhara city buses, reports My Republica. This technology was introduced in the Annual General Meeting of the Entrepreneurs Committee for its 25th anniversary.

pokhara bus gps system
Image Credit: My Republica

Amrit Sharma Timilsina, the secretary of the committee, said that the technology is expected to upgrade our service and minimize various complaints regarding the bus.

He added that the GPS technology is already present in 358 buses. He said, “The technology will later be added in 20 more buses. GPS will help track the buses location, with details such as when the buses left/reached their stations and if the buses reached the allocated routes, among others.”

Timilisina further said that he hoped this technology will prevent over speeding by keeping track of the speed of the buses at all times. It will also aid in investigating road accidents.

The committee has also launched evening bus services to run until 9 pm. These buses will take two routes within Pokhara.

Timalsina said that the committee also plans to introduce e-cards in the future to prevent irregularities in the bus fare.

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