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Stay for FREE at OYO Rooms from Nov 16 to Nov 19 (Yes, It’s REAL!!!)

Okay. I don’t know what to comment on this news. So I’ll just get to it. OYO has posted on its Facebook page that people can “Get 100% Off on all OYO Hotels from 16th to 19th Nov!!! I mean have you ever heard of free rooms in a hotel?

For those of you who don’t know, OYO is a Hospitality service and budget hotel network that has grown to over 8500 hotels in 230 cities in just 5 years since it’s inception. It now is present in countries such as India, Malaysia, UAE, China, Indonesia, and… you guessed it, Nepal. Through its app, you can book hotel rooms easily at an affordable price. OYO doesn’t own any of these properties, and instead, invests in marketing and quality improvement for the hotels that it partners with. Most people would know OYO from its app in the Play store or App store.

In the beginning, OYO did employ some tactics like distributing money to people in the form of Phone Recharge to make them download the app. But giving away “free stay”s for 3 days is just outrageous and unheard of. For the skeptics out there, the Facebook post that this article is based on is totally legitimate. OYO themselves posted it. Also, if they had been hacked, wouldn’t they remove a post after it got more than 6.7K likes?

So, the deal is solid. But there’s a catch. You can’t book hotel rooms today to check in at 16th Nov and get the 100% discount. You have to book your hotels within 16th to 19th Nov.

OYO has replied to a comment asking if there was any hidden cost saying that there isn’t any. You have to download the app to book the hotels according to the Facebook post. If you ‘happen to need’ a hotel from 16th to 19th Nov, don’t forget to book an OYO. And, don’t forget to leave a comment on the quality of your stay down below. Also, what do our readers think of this offer of 100% discount? We can’t make any sense, maybe you can enlighten us.

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