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KMC to Track Public Vehicles using GPS

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has recently announced their plans of tracking public vehicles using GPS, to help manage the traffic inside Kathmandu Valley. The feasibility study for the plan is yet to be conducted.

What they are saying:

  • KMC Chief Administrative Officer, Yadav Prasad Koirala, said that they were discussing plans with the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division to implement the system as fast as possible.
  • He also expressed his firm belief that the proposed system, once implemented, would be able to effectively manage traffic inside the valley. He also said that efforts were being made to manage the bus stops within the valley.

The Details:

  • According to officials, once the system is implemented, the GPS information will be tracked by a control room. Once they get the information, the necessary information will be displayed on the digital boards that will be set up at bus stops. This way, passengers will be able to know when the next bus is arriving at the bus stop.
  • The passengers would be able to wait with certainty; they will be benefited by the GPS system.

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