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Chance to Win 5 Pulsar NS 200 This Khalti Biggest Payment Jatra 2081


  • Khati’s annual event The Biggest Payment Jatra 2081 begins.
  • Get a chance to win 5 Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS bikes, Khutruke, and scratch cards.
  • Sharing a code is a new addition to the event, allowing its users to generate their own unique promo codes.

Khalti, a digital payment service provider in Nepal, kicks off its annual event, “The Biggest Payment Jatra” for the third consecutive year, offering its users exciting offers worth more than a crore.

Khalti The Biggest Payment Jatra 2081
Khalti The Biggest Payment Jatra 2081

Starting from May 15, 2024, and running until July 15, 2024, “The Biggest Payment Jatra 2081” from Khalti offers users an opportunity to receive cashback, coupons, and prizes throughout its two-month campaign.

This year, the campaign introduces five Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS motorcycles as the bumper prize. In addition, the campaign offers daily prizes on Khutruke and instant scratch cards on each payment.

Moreover, Khalti users can now create their own personalized promo codes to share with friends.

Bumper Prize: 5x Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS

The 63-day event is divided into four rounds. To get a chance to win a Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS in each round, all its users have to do is make two service payments through Khalti.

Additionally, after the completion of the four rounds, an extra Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS is set as a bonus bumper prize, totaling five motorcycles.

Winners will be announced through a lucky draw via Facebook Live at the end of each round, which can be viewed on Khalti’s Official Facebook Page. The list of winners can also be found on blog.khalti.com or in the Jatra section of the Khalti app.

Rounds Date
Round 1: May 14 – May 28
Round 2: May 29 – June 14
Round 3: June 15 – June 29
Round 4: June 30 – July 15

Share a Code (Win Honor X7b Weekly)

Share a code is a new addition to the event. This year, Khalti’s Jatra allows its users to generate their own unique promo codes, customize them, and share them with their friends and family circle. Users can generate up to five promo codes each week, and each code can be redeemed only once.

The promo code can be generated for any Khalti service including movies, flights, bluebook, Khalti Suraksha, and many more. However, the service will be randomly selected by the app.

Each person can purchase one coupon code per week, and each code will only be valid for a week. Whether you create a code on Sunday or Thursday, it will only be valid until Saturday.

Furthermore, those who generate the code will also be eligible to win an Honor X7b smartphone weekly (nine winners) upon redeeming all five codes generated within that week. Additionally, they will receive 10 Khati Points after the redemption of each code they generate.

Win by Breaking Khutruke

When users break the Khutruke in the Khalti mobile app, they will now receive a lucky number. Khalti will host a daily lucky draw, where the holder of the lucky number can win prizes ranging from smart TVs, smartphones, earbuds, and many more.

Khutruke is a daily reward of “The Biggest Payment Jatra” where users can receive surprises such as coupons and cashback on top-ups, movies, flight tickets, bluebook renewals, and more. Khutruke will pop up automatically in the “Jatra section” every 24 hours, located in the Recharge and Payments section.

The winning number will be announced every day at 8 am in the Khalti app. Khutruke will be renewed every 24 hours (at 0:00 every day).

Scratch Card on Every Payment

During the campaign period, users will receive a digital scratch card with every in-app transaction of Rs. 100 or above. Rubbing the card will reveal instant rewards such as cashback, and perhaps even a few surprises along the way.

To claim the coupon gift received through a scratch card, the winner must send the coupon code via Khalti’s social media channels.

iPhone 15 on WorldLink Payment

The Jatra offer also gives users a chance to win an Apple iPhone 15 if they pay their WorldLink internet bill through Khalti.

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