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Hamro Patro Brings FREE “Call to Doctor” Service for COVID-19 Consultation

COVID-19 outbreak continues to wreak havoc worldwide. But thanks to Nepal Government’s quick actions, the overall impact of the pandemic has been minute in Nepal (at least for now).

However, there have been several instances of a ray of sunshine amidst a cloudy day.

You have seen Fusemachines, NEA, NRB, even Pornhub doing its part to help people stay home. Honestly, you have to appreciate people coming together at a time of need.

And now, Hamro Patro, Nepal’s favorite calendar app team, joins the list with its great initiative called the “Online Doctors: Call to Doctor Sewa”. It’s a joint collaboration with Hamro Patro, Ncell, and Nepal Medical Council (NMC).

Online Doctors: Call to Doctor Sewa

You might be experiencing a slight cough, maybe a slight fever. With everything going on, you are afraid that you might have the Covid-19. However unlikely that might be, you simply can’t take the risk it.

So, you decide to visit the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, you might not be in a position to go visit a hospital, especially with the current lockdown situation.

Rather than being all anxious and paranoid, Hamro Patro’s Online Doctors allows any interested individual to directly call a doctor for consultation.

There are about 30 doctors who volunteered for this project. Additionally, more doctors will be added in the future.

Moreover, it’s a web-based app that can be accessed through a web browser. Interestingly, it will be available to download as an app via the Google Playstore.

Online Doctors: Things to Remember

Yes, it is a great platform for people like us to directly connect to a doctor. However, one must remember a few key points about this platform.

  • Doctors will be able to video chat with you
  • Doctors will be able to the consulate you about your health
  • Doctors should be online for this service to work, this will depend on volunteer doctors
  • Doctors cannot prescribe medicine through this service

Hopefully, we get to see features as 24/7 consultation at some point. I know, it won’t be possible or practical. However, I hope there’s a way to connect with a doctor instantly, rather than waiting for them to come online.

Special thanks to the Hamro Patro team for creating something as awesome and creative as this one!

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