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covidnepal.org – An Open Source Platform for COVID-19 for Nepal by Fusemachines

I never thought I’d witness something like a Covid-19 Pandemic in my lifetime. While I am trying my best to stay calm, I really want to prepare for the worst-case scenario. If something like that ever comes knocking on my door, I really don’t know the right thing to do.

We are just a step away from going full-on panic, especially with misleading information to gain views and engagement. So, it is quintessential that we get the most reliable information without any underlying interest.

Fortunately, there are many good people trying their best to help everyone get through this situation. Among them, the Fusemachines have initiated an open-source platform that provides everything you should know about Covid-19 in Nepal.

This platform is similar to Google’s Covid-19 Information & Resource website. However, it mainly focuses on bringing together information about Covid-19 in Nepal.

What’s CovidNepal.org?

covidnepal.org is an Open Source Platform started at Fusemachines and asking all like-minded citizens of Nepal to join in this effort to create an Open Source platform to serve as a reliable source of information about Covid-19 in Nepal.

Furthermore, there are plans to extend it as a platform for additional real-time information on the outbreak with early warning projections using AI capabilities.

Covid-19 Nepal: Features of the Platform

#1. Updates on Covid-19 Cases: Provides different updates like Total Tested, Total Confirmed, Total Recovered, and Total Deaths. Moreover, it covers updates for both Nepal and Global cases.

covid 19 fusemachine homepage
COVID-19 Nepal Homepage – Cases Update,  Where to get tested? When to get tested? More detail on the page…..

#2. Testing Locations: Provides information on testing locations along with the Hospital name along with the address and contact information.

#3. Symptoms Highlight: Lists out symptoms along with if one when one should get tested.

#4. Hospital Capacity Data: Provides data on hospital capacity highlighting the number of beds, ICU beds, ventilators, and isolation beds. Moreover, users can view the capacity data on a hospital across seven provinces.

#5. Emergency Contact: List out all the important contact information like hotline number (1115), emergency contacts, and hospital contacts.

emergency contact list
COVID-10 Nepal – Emergency Contact

Huge shout-out to the team working at Fusemachines for coming up with this, especially at a time like this. Additionally, the team worked tirelessly for 90+ hours to get this site live and running!

As of this writing, the site is still sourcing information from various reliable sources like government websites, situation reports, hospital operators, doctors, etc. Moreover, the site is expected to be updated frequently.

However, they need your help! If you want to do your part to collect information, you can sign up here. At times like this, every help counts!

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How can you help?

If you have reliable information that can help the general public, then please fill out this form. Moreover, you can reach out to your contact that may have reliable information and ask them for help.

If you would like to contribute to this open source project as an engineer, data analyst, doctor, nurse, government officials, media or any other profession please join this effort by emailing how you want to contribute to the following email address at signmeup@covidnepal.org.
COVID-10 Nepal – Here is how you can help page – Join Us

On a separate note, I hope that the team working on this put their best efforts on providing reliable information along with preventive measures. Moreover, the site should be available in Nepali, just so many people can take full advantage of this platform.

Visit covidnepal.org 

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