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Aprilia Comfort 125cc Scooter Launch Rumored in India: Will it Launch in Nepal?

About two years ago, Aprilia started its official entry into the Indian market. While the initial run might’ve been slow, it picked up in popularity quite easily. Despite starting with just two scooters: Aprilia SR 125 and Aprilia SR 150, Aprilia gained a reputation for being a sporty scooter!

However, everyone doesn’t want a sporty scooter. Surely, they might want a sports performance, but with the over the top sporty design. That’s why, Aprilia is working on a new scooter line, dubbed Aprilia Comfort. Designed for the Indian markets, it will be one of the first international brands making such an attempt.aprilia comfort 125cc price nepalSince we do share some similarities with the Indian market, we can expect that Aprilia Comfort will also launch in Nepal!

As for the pricing, the Aprilia Comfort price in Nepal will be expensive. Although, we can’t know for sure. But the pricing will sit somewhere in the middle of Aprilia SR 125 and Vespa 125.

Aprilia Comfort Overview

Aprilia Comfort was rumored for launch in India back in August. But that hasn’t yet happened, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Aprilia Comfort shares the same engine as SR 125. Moreover, it is a 125cc engine which can generate a max power of 9.51BHP at 7250rpm and 9.9Nm at 6250rpm. Furthermore, it is rumored to share features such as instrument clusters, switchgear, and grab rails with the SR 125.

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Compared to SR 125, you will get more mileage, better under-seat storage, larger seat, and bigger footboard. As the name states, you will get the top-level comfort.

Basically, Aprilia Comfort will sit comfortably between the likes of the Aprilia SR series and Vespa Scooters. Moreover, it will offer a mix of the two! Try to imagine a Vespa scooter with SR 125 body.

Additionally, it is expected to take on the likes of TVS NTorq, Hero Maestro Edge 125, and Suzuki Burgman 125.

Will Aprilia Comfort Launch in Nepal?

Aprilia hasn’t yet launched the scooter in the Indian market. So, we might have to wait and see how everything pans out.

That being said, Aprilia Comfort is a scooter design for the Indian market. Rightly so, we share many similarities with the Indian market. So, when Aprilia Comfort gets an official launch in India, they will surely bring it to Nepal as well.

So, the only two questions that remain are: when and how much.

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