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Yatri and Sipradi Collaborate to Shape the Future of Electric Vehicles in Nepal


  • Yatri and Sipradi enter into a joint venture to innovate in electric vehicle manufacturing.
  • The partnership focuses on sustainable transportation solutions and forward-thinking design.
  • This collaboration aims to disrupt the electric two-wheeler market with affordable and innovative products.

Yatri and Sipradi have announced a joint venture to develop, manufacture, and promote Yatri’s innovative electric vehicles.

The partnership aims to disrupt the stagnant market with affordable and exciting Yatri products, offering a fresh perspective on sustainable transportation.

Yatri-Sipradi Joint Venture
Yatri-Sipradi Joint Venture

Yatri Motorcycles pioneered electric motorcycles in Nepal, with their P-1 motorcycle being the first registered two-wheeler produced locally.

On the other hand, Sipradi holds a prominent position in Nepal’s automotive sector as the exclusive distributor of Tata Motors Ltd. India since 1982.

This collaboration aims to leverage Sipradi’s extensive automotive industry experience to advance sustainable transportation systems.

Sipradi will provide substantial support to Yatri, driving innovation in engineering and promoting the development of advanced transportation solutions.

Ashim Pandey, Founder and CEO of Yatri Design Studio, underscored the forward-thinking and progressive design that defines this partnership.

“This partnership enables us to build affordable yet cutting-edge electric vehicles while allowing us to build an excellent network in the region,” Pandey emphasized.

For Sipradi Companies, CEO Rajan Babu Shrestha showed his commitment and confidence, saying:

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“The preparatory groundwork and the detailed study that has gone into this Joint Venture is a testament to our intent of a long-standing partnership with Yatri and our dedication to tackle broader mobility challenges.”

Yatri – Sipradi joint venture represents a monumental step forward in Nepal’s burgeoning electric vehicle industry.

Both companies expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in making this partnership a reality, particularly the Cross-Functional Team from Sipradi and Yatri.

This team comprised members from technology, finance, operations, and board members, as well as core team members, technical and non-technical staff, and in-house financial consultants.

Yatri has been doing a lot of Research and Development with their vision of reinventing urban mobility.

Their next project currently in development is the Yatri P1 Gen 2, next generation of Yatri Project One.

It is the first two-wheeler with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On top of that, P1 Gen 2 will use its predecessor’s road data and feedback for further improvements in the features, performance and range.

Its launch has been teased for summer 2024.

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