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Xiaomi’s Going Cute with Bunny Ears Pop-Up Cameras

Smartphone manufacturers have been trying all sorts of things to create an all-screen smartphone. While notches, pop-up camera, and hole-punch have become a norm these days, we have seen some wild designs in the past.

The most notable one is the rotating camera module from Oppo and now Asus has been doing the flip cameras on its Zenfone.

Recently, Xiaomi has also shown some glimpses of its under-display camera smartphone. The video showed an all-screen phone without any notches, punch-hole, or pop up camera. The selfie camera seemed to be completely hidden under the display. And, now Xiaomi has patented “bunny ears” pop up camera.

Each unit will pop out at an angle and carry a camera for both the front and the back. So, unlike the traditional pop-up selfie camera, this pop-up mechanism will carry cameras for the front and rear.

Well, this design makes it easy to include a dual-camera setup for the front and rear without needing to implement a notch or a hole-punch. Also, it looks cute.

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The renders show that the rest of the phone is pretty normal with a flat display, minimal bezels, and a USB Type-C port. The flash is also placed right below the camera module on the rear.

It is just a render though, so this might not end up as a final product. There’s no guarantee that Xiaomi will ship a product with such a design. However, Xiaomi is not a stranger to pop-up cameras, having implemented them in the Redmi K30 series and other phones.

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With the camera sensor getting bigger every time, it would be hard to fit a big camera sensor for the rear camera on the pop-up module. So, even if this product gets actually made, it could be a mid-range product.

A pop-up design means a less durable product due to the motorized moving parts. That’s why I think, Xiaomi is better off with an under-display camera rather than the bunny ears pop-up cameras.

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