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Xiaomi Announces a 100W Super-fast Charger – Fills a 4,000mAh Battery in Just 17 Minutes

Oppo is the company to make headlines with its super fast charging capabilities. It calls its tech Super-VOOC charging and had been able to make a charger that charged a battery at the rate of 50W per hour. This was way ahead of its time.

If you need one example, Samsung Galaxy S10 still has 15W charging speed. While I don’t find the charging speed on the S10 plus that we have with us to be an issue. I do realize that it charges nowhere near as fast as an OnePlus phone (OnePlus uses Oppo’s charging technology) or an Oppo phone.

Xiaomi, yes the company that kills everyone else at the budget phone segment, recently announced that they have created a 100W charger. They released a video in Chinese language comparing there fast charging tech to Oppo’s 50W fast charging technology.

Xiaomi’s 100W Super charge Turbo (that’s what they are calling it apparently) charged the test Xiaomi phone from 0 to 100% in just 17min. Oppo’s Super VOOC charge only topped up 65% in the Oppo phone. What’s even more interesting is that the Xiaomi phone had a larger 4000mAh battery compared to Oppo’s 3700mAh battery.

Xiaomi CEO Lin Bin shared this video on Weibo, China’s social network site. He said that this charging technology is already in mass production and it will first come to a Redmi phone.

That’s an interesting decision considering Mi phones are Xiaomi’s primary smartphone segment. Right now, the technical details on this charging technology is minimal. We don’t know which Redmi phone will be supporting this charging technology.

We also don’t know when this phone will be coming out. At this time, all I can say is: It’ll be interesting to see this technology in action.

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