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Tulanaa: Compare Different Telecom Operators and Get the Best One For You

Tulanaa by Inspiring Lab is the first-of-a-kind website in Nepal which provides the platform to compare the various services provided by telecom operators along with the online payment services.

Why it matters:

  • Tulanaa is a website which focuses on providing the platform to compare services and packages available. The website is currently focusing in Telecom operators.
  • Along with the comparison service, it also provides the platform for online payment and billing system.

Features of Tulanaa:

According to Rajeev Bista, CEO of Inspiring Lab, Tulanaa was created looking at the lack of a platform to compare services. The website provides features such as:

  • E-payment: This feature enables user to make online payment for Telecom operators, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Television operators using their debit/credit card.
  • Optimize: This is the most unique feature found on the website. Under this feature, various inputs such as network and service are taken to produce a list of packages that will satisfy the user’s needs.
  • Explore: The explore feature lets the user explore and compare new and interesting services and offers provided by their telecom operator. This feature gives unbiased information on packages; you can compare plans among operators and choose the one you like the most.

“Our website mainly focuses on the Explore feature, our second priority is providing the feature of Optimization, and our third priority is to provide a good Online Payment system, ” says Bista.

  • Offers: This feature helps the user remain up-to-date with the newly introduced services and packages provided by different telecom operators. It lists all the existing offers such as mobile offers and internet offers.
  • Statistics: Under this feature, the users will get statistics on market share, subscribers and market trends of all the telecom and ISPs in Nepal. It aims to provide transparency to the users.
  • Sim Subscriptions: This feature helps the users know the services provided by different operators and helps them choose the operator that will meet their requirement.

Future Plans:

In the first phase, they are planning to improve the user interface and compatibility. After the completion of the first phase, they plan on building a mobile app for Tulanaa. For the future, the team also plan to increase the scope of comparison by integrating more sectors.

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