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Top 11 Deals on Daraz 11.11 Singles Day Sale

As you all know by now, Daraz 11.11 Sale is live right now. Today, you’ll get crazy discounts, sudden flash sales, unbelievable vouchers, and mystery boxes all over Daraz. These discounts and sales are applicable to any product in any genre. So, if you had to buy anything for your home or yourself, don’t forget to check out the site today. Better yet, use the mobile app.

But with so many deals available you may be feeling a bit dizzy and out of your whims. Which products should you choose? Well, if you are thinking hard on which sunglasses to buy, you are out of luck. But if you want to buy a piece of tech then we have a list that includes the best tech deals on Daraz. So, let’s dive into the best 11 deals on Daraz 11.11 sale.

Daraz 11.11 Top 11 Deals

Pocophone F1

If you are looking for a phone and this phone didn’t come up in your search, then your research was poor. This is the real flagship killer. It gives you the power of the Galaxy Note 9 for nearly a 3rd of the price. For 34K, you won’t find a better deal. That’s a guarantee. Learn more about the phone here. Also, note that the phone is currently priced at Rs. 36,999 and will be available at Rs. 33,999 only after 4:11 PM.

Price Link
Rs. 33999  Buy Now

OnePlus 6T

Another flagship killer on the list. For Rs. 69999, the OnePlus 6T is not a steal but it still costs less than the Mate 20 pro or the Note 9 and gives an identical performance. OnePlus 6T is the snappiest Android phone currently on the planet. And if you like the new teardrop notch and want a more premium experience than the Pocophone, just buy the OnePlus 6T.

Price Link
Rs. 69999  Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

This is the quad camera phone from Samsung. If that is enough to sway you into buying this phone then go ahead. But we have heard that the camera system is not as good as advertised. Also, for 5K more you can buy the OnePlus 5T! Choose wisely.

Price Link
Rs. 54999  Buy Now

Samsung Level On PRO Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

This actually is an amazing discount. You are getting Active Noise-cancelling headphones for half their original price. At 12000, these may be the best deals on ANC headphones in Nepal considering their low price and good sound quality. If you want to drown out the distraction of the other passengers on the crowded bus, these are your friends.

Price Link
Rs. 12000  Buy Now

OnePlus Bullets V2

This was not among the original list of best deals but we thought this should be included. I mean you are getting the best earphones under 3K for Rs. 1600. So, if you are looking for some cheap earphones and your budget was about Rs. 1000, we seriously suggest you take a look at this as these earphones are well worth the money for their comfort, sound, and build quality.

Price Link
Rs. 1600  Buy Now

Dell 5567 Laptop

There are around 18 variants of this laptop on Daraz and all of them are a good deal in some ways. So we suggest you check them all out. One deal we would like to point out is the Dell 5567 7th Gen/i7/8GB/1TB version from LDS. For 71K this is a sweet combination of power and performance. This still doesn’t beat Acer’s offerings though.

Price Link
Various  Buy Now

Palsonic Australia 32″ FHD LED TV

Though the price may make you feel that this is not a genuine product, the reviews in Daraz say a different thing. If you are looking for an absolute cheap 32″ TV, this may be the one for you.

Price Link
Rs. 19200  Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Wow, we weren’t expecting Samsung to give a better deal than Xiaomi in this price segment. But this phone is a seriously good phone for a seriously outrageous price. Don’t get us started about it’s big, beautiful screen. If you wanted a phone under 20K, the Galaxy J7 Pro should be high on your list. (This is a better deal than the Galaxy A9).

Price Link
Rs. 18900  Buy Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Would you buy the best all-around phone of 2017 if it came at the price of the One Plus 6T?  You might. Because it’s the note. There’s nothing like this phone. Note 8 is still a very powerful phone. But the battery is not that good. However, if you have a good use for the pencil or like the idea of getting a Samsung Galaxy Note, this is a good price.

Price Link
Rs. 69900  Buy Now

Videocon 43″ Full HD TV

Videocon is a trusted brand and when you get a 43″ TV from a brand like this at this amazing price, you take it. For a 43″ TV, I don’t know if there is a better deal on paper out there.

Price Link
Rs. 32999  Buy Now

Anker Soundcore Nano

Do you want a super-portable wireless speaker but are tired of the cheapos found in general electronic stores. Buy the Anker Soundcore Nano. Anker is a very popular accessories brand in America and they make very high quality but affordable products.

Price Link
Rs. 1500  Buy Now

So, these are the best 11 deals in today’s 11.11 sale. If you feel like you’d want to buy any one of these, hurry up. As you know these deals are only valid for today. If you didn’t order by midnight, you lose on pretty big savings.

What are your thoughts on the deals so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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