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Tesla Air Conditioner Opens Corporate Office in Samakhushi

A few months ago, we announced the arrival of Tesla Air Conditioner in Nepal. It is one of the first national company that solely manufactures air conditioners in Nepal.

The company recently opened a new corporate office in Samakhushi, Kathmandu. As of now, the office isn’t officially open for business and its official inauguration will be held in Baisakh, 2075. The corporate office will support the Head Office in Chitwan. This is a new beginning for Tesla Air Conditioner. And It marks a step forward towards an uncharted territory where the most national company haven’t been yet.

More About The Company’s Future

Tesla Air Conditioner is trying to be more than just a national company. It aims to be a multinational company; expanding its reach to other countries including China.
– Kiran Acharya, CEO, Tesla Air Conditioner

Tesla Air Conditioner has a bright future ahead. It is currently expanding its reach and growing its national popularity. Speaking about the company’s future, they are launching series of new products starting with new N8 Series air conditioner. Mr. Acharya also added that the company will construct a new assembly plant in Chitwan sometime next year.

Be sure to look out for Tesla Air Conditioners, it is sure to be a household name in near future.

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