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Skyworth Grand 76 Offer: Up to 30% Discount on TVs & 2 Years Warranty

Skyworth was established in China in 1988. It is a large-scale corporation engaged in the development and manufacturing of consumer electronics and home appliance. Being in the industry for over thirty years, Skyworth has grown to be one of the Top Five TV Brands in China. Smart Appliance Pvt. Ltd. is the official distributor of Skyworth products in Nepal.

It has soared in popularity in Nepal in the past year and worldwide too. Now, it is in the Top 5 Global LED TV brand. Maybe that is the reason why it has been so enthusiastic to bring some enticing offer to its customers this new year.

The basic offer is that you can get up to 30% off on a Skyworth TV this new year. Also, there will be 2 years warranty on every Skyworth TV you buy (at least for the ones on the list on the ad).

Skyworth has categorized its TV into four different categories: Skyworth LED TV, Skyworth Android TV, Skyworth AI + Google Android TV, and Skyworth Google Android TV.

I don’t konw the distinction between the latter 3 categories of TVs. I am guessing that Skyworth Android TV and Skyworth Google Android TV will have different flavors of Android software for TV on them. Or maybe the Google Android TV has google assistant built in. You will have to ask your vendor for more details. You can’t go wrong by buying a TV from any one of these categories as all will have internet capability. That means you can watch youtube on your TV. That’s cool.

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But I suggest you don’t buy a normal LED TV because that won’t be future-proof. And all the cool kids nowadays have smart TV. So, step up your game and cough up some cash because you are going to live with your TV for a long time. So buy the best one you can the first time.

Also, if you like to listen to me, don’t buy 32″ TV’s either. These will suit your living room only if it is very small. Otherwise something above 40″ is the way to go.

If you want to know more details about the offer, call Smart Appliances Pvt. Ltd. directly. Their number and other contact details is available in the advertisement itself.

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