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Samsung Winter’s Festive Delight Brings Cash Back & Discounts

Winter has arrived/is coming depending upon your resistance to cold. What has definitely arrived is the new festive deal for the winter. This winter, Samsung is slashing its price on some of its mid-range smartphones and tablets. The discounts are substantial and they change our entire take on some phones.samsung winters festive delight

Whose Prices Have Been Slashed?

Samsung Galaxy A8+, Samsung Galaxy A6+, Samsung Galaxy A6, Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy J6 (4GB/64GB).

How Much of a Drop are We Talking About?

Phones Original Price Price after Discount Discount Amount
Samsung Galaxy A8+ Rs. 49990 Rs. 44990 Rs. 5000
Samsung Galaxy A6+ Rs. 44390 Rs. 34890 Rs. 9500
Samsung Galaxy A6 Rs. 39890 Rs. 26890 Rs. 13000
Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Rs. 34490 Rs. 29490 Rs. 5000
Samsung Galaxy J6 (4GB/64GB) Rs.  24990 Rs. 22690 Rs. 2300

Am I Getting Anything Else Other Than the Price Discount?

Yes, complementary Ncell promotional data packages are available with the purchase of every phone. The amount and duration of the data pack will differ based on the phone you buy.

Does this Price Drop Mean I Should Buy any one of These Phones?

Yeah. The 13K drop on the Galaxy A6 is no joke. For 27K, this is a pretty good deal. We like the A6 for its AMOLED screen and the mid-range Exynos processor. But the Galaxy C7 Pro is an old phone, about 2 years old already. So, it would be good if you skip that phone.

Other phones are decent deals. Had we been not living in the world of the Pocophone, I would have heartily recommended you buy these smartphones at their prices. But we don’t live in that world. And I can’t recommend anything above 40K that doesn’t have any substantial advantage over the Pocophone. Fortunately, for Samsung phones, their screens are definitely better than Poco’s. But we can’t ask you to spend more for a slight improvement in screen quality.

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