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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series to Launch Today: What to Expect?

One of the most awaited smartphones of the past six months is finally going to be unveiled at midnight tonight in Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Fransisco. The phone is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S10; the phone that will usher a new era of full-screen smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an update to the Galaxy S9 family launched in 2018. Samsung Galaxy S smartphones are Samsung’s flagship devices and have been one of the best handsets that the Android land has to offer for a long time. If you want the latest, sleekest, and greatest Android phone, you won’t go wrong by choosing a new Galaxy S device. So, naturally, people are interested to see and hear what new thing Samsung is going to do each year with these phones.

Unlike last year, we are hearing rumors that Samsung is going to launch more than two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The most reliable rumors point towards a trio of smartphone releases – a regular S10, an S10 Plus, and an S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

We can pretty much understand what the regular S10 and S10 plus will bring to the table from their names. They will be the updated version of their previous gen counterparts with some added touch. And those added touches are sweet. It is near-confirmed that the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus will come with an under-display fingerprint sensor and triple rear cameras.

Leaks have also pointed out that the S10 Plus will have dual selfie cameras at the front. There have also been some rumors that these new phones could support a feature called ‘power share’ which is similar to the reverse wireless charging feature found on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The other Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10e will be a different phone. As the phone prices balloon and cross the $1000 mark, Samsung had to make a new relatively affordable entry-level flagship phone. That kind of phone is the Galaxy S10e. It is rumored to have a screen resolution similar to the current Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus (probably S10 and S10 plus will ship with 4K displays).

There will be no under-screen fingerprint sensor with this phone. Instead, you’ll get a side-mounted fingerprint sensor similar to the ones found on the Galaxy A7. But the most ‘budget’ part of this phone will be the cameras. Leaks have said that the Galaxy S10e will feature only two cameras at the back. So, that’s a bummer.

However, the performance on all the 3 variants of the Galaxy S10 phones will be identical because they all will be sporting Qualcomm’s latest and greatest processor – the Snapdragon 855. The coolest thing about all these phones is that they are expected to ship with headphone jacks. That makes Samsung one of the few smartphone manufacturers to stick to the headphone jack. The only major companies that do this are probably Samsung and LG. Thank you, Samsung.

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More Galaxy S10?

But there is more. We have heard that Samsung has a “One more thing” planned for the viewers at its Unpacked event tonight. That “one more thing” is going to be a (possibly) a 5G phone that will ship with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage. Or this model may launch with Samsung’s new foldable device called the Galaxy-F sometime in mid-march. We still don’t know much about that yet.

Final say

So, this wraps up our rumors roundup for the Galaxy S10 family of Smartphones. Samsung has been known to create a beautiful balance between design and performance in their phones; the Galaxy S9 Plus was a testament to that. I think that’s what we are going to see in the new Galaxy Smartphones this year too – the beauty and the beast in a single package.

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