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Samsung Nepal Forays into Air Purifier Segment with Launch of AX3000 Air Purifier

The Korean based giant, Samsung, which is dominating the Nepali smartphone market has now stepped into the air purifier space. The company recently announced the launch of Samsung’s AX3000 air purifier in Nepal with a price tag of Rs. 22, 490. The AX3000 air purifier is designed to cover an area up to 39 sq meters. It is equipped with PM 2.5 mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through the mesh and trapping harmful particles in the air. The air purifier is built with triple air filters that are powerful enough to purify by 99% of PM 2.5 particles. The filters include pre-filter, deodorization filer, and PM 2.5 filter.

The model is also capable of faster air purification with higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 327m3/h. It is also quite as it generates only 20 dBA of sound. So in a sense, it is ideal for places where you relax, such as bedrooms, study or baby’s room. However, in rare conditions, the noise level might rise up to to 45 dBA at maximum.The AX3000 also comes with a digital display with various color lights that show the pollution drop on a real-time basis and the sensors give an exact numeric measurement of the PM2.5 (ultra-fine dust) levels.

On the maintenance front, the pre-filter only needs periodic cleaning and PM 2.5 and deodorization filters can be easily replaced. Alert icons also light up or blink on when it’s time for clean or change. The AX3000 is also a portable air purifier because of its low weight and small dimension of 6.5 kg and 361mm x 481mm x 233mm respectively.

The air purifier is available for purchase at all the Samsung digital plazas across the country and plus at selected Samsung authorized dealers.

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