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Sagoon Android App Launched Officially

Sagoon Android App

Sagoon, a social commerce platform that offers users a chance to make money while socializing, recently released its mobile application in beta.

After releasing a demo video in September and announcing the date of the app release in December, the awaited Sagoon app is now officially available on PlayStore. It already has 4.8 reviews based on 810 users and a total of 10,000 downloads.

The app is just as promised. Users first need to log in using their email/phone or with their Google account. Then it gives the option to customize the background. From then on, there are three special features.

What are the special features in the Sagoon app?

#3. My Day (Scheduling, To-dos, and Invites)

My Day allows you to create & share schedules, build to-do-lists, and set reminders. It is very easy to use and useful as well (though my alarm did ring for an event I deleted). You can manage as well as share your events. Also, you can invite friends to keep on track.

#2. Secret (Anonymous messaging app)

Secret allows you to learn, explore and experience different ideas and communities with the safety and comfort of anonymity. Ask a question or share a thought without the fear of being judged. You can also send one-on-one secret messages which will vanish after they are read.

It has a categorized group of posts from all people. One can see that the app is relatively new as many people have posts that say just “Hi” or “First post”. Each post has a counter of likes, dislikes, comments, views, and location.

#1. Mood Talk (Chatting, Photos, Emoticons)

Mood Talk is a refreshing chat feature that helps you communicate using ‘moods’ – a feature for real-time expression of your moods. In ‘Mood Talk’ you can set your custom mood happy, sad, sick, etc. and let your moods do the talking while chatting with others. Your chat vanishes automatically after 24-hours.

In addition, the app has a profile page where you get a profile picture, overview, contact, and basic information. It also has an activities page where you can view all your activities in categorized lists.

Sagoon app is a mix of sorts. According to Sagoon, it has the combined features of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

Along with the mobile app, Sagoon had announced their plan to introduce Social Smart Cards which could be used to collect money earned through the site. It is yet to be introduced, however.

To give the app a try, you can find it here on Google Play Store. The iOS version is still in the works.

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