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Beta Version of Sagoon Mobile App Launched

Sagoon had announced that the official Mobile App would be released by the month of December 2017. The company could not abide by their commitment to release the official app by December 2017. However, the company did launch the beta version of its mobile app. The app contains a number of interesting and unique features than those that are available on the website.

Sagoon, founded by Govinda Giri, has gained a lot of hype in the market these days. It is a social commerce platform that offers its users a chance to earn through social networking. With the tagline “Connect-Share-Earn”, Sagoon aims to revolutionize the concept of social networking.

Sagoon had unveiled their plan for Mobile App through Facebook Live video. The unique features of the mobile app piqued the interests of many people. The promising features of mobile app helped them gain a great number of users. Along with the mobile app, Sagoon had announced their plan to introduce Social Smart Cards which could be used to collect money earned through the site. It is yet to be introduced, however.

App Features

  • My Day: The feature ‘My Day’ allows the user to build to-do lists and set reminders. It also lets users share their schedules. This feature helps to improve the productivity of both professional and personal lives.
  • Share Secrets: The feature ‘Share Secrets’ helps users disclose their secrets and life-changing information in anonymity. It helps users unburden themselves. Users can also share secret messages which will disappear right after they are read.
  • Mood Talks: The feature ‘Mood Talks’ is a chat app to express users’ mood using photos and emoticons with loved ones. This feature provides an ultimate chatting freedom as chat disappears after 24 hours.

The beta version of Sagoon mobile app is currently only available on the Android platform.

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