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Runner Bikes Officially Launched in Nepal; 7 Bike Models Introduced

Raman Motors, the subsidiary of Raman Group of companies, has been officially appointed as the sole distributor of Runner Motorcycles in Nepal. In a glittering ceremony at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, MD and CEO of Runner Group of Companies along with the CEO of Raman Motors launched seven models of Runner Motorcycles ranging from 80cc to 150cc in Nepal. The price of the Runner Bikes varies from Rs. 1,58,000 to Rs. 2,35,000 in Nepal.

Runner Automobiles, the pioneer manufacturer of motorcycles from Bangladesh, holds 90% of market share on bikes in Bangladesh. Having the capacity to produce 100,000 bikes annually, Runner Bikes has highly dominated the two-wheelers market in Bangladesh. In a partnership between Raman Motors and Runner Group of companies, these bikes are officially making its way to Nepalese Market.

runner motorcycles in nepal

As per reports, 80% of the bikes in Nepal is between 100cc to 150cc range. With a good understanding of Nepali two-wheelers market, the company has now only launched its bike that comes under this segment. However, Raman Motors has also announced to launch 180cc and 200cc Runner Bikes soon in Nepal.

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Runner Bikes provides a 6-year warranty scheme on its bikes, which is one of its unique selling points. I have not seen any other bike companies in Nepal that provides such warranty. By providing cost-efficient and quality products, Raman Motors is planning to change the scenario of Nepalese automobile market.

The initial milestone of Raman Motors is to gain 2% market share of Runner Bikes in a year time-frame in Nepal. The long-term goal of the company is to be the first Nepalese Automobile Company to manufacture Bikes in Nepal. As of now, Runner Bikes are being imported through Kakarbhitta.

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Raman Motors has already appointed 10 dealerships in various cities of the country. They are also building warehouses in Janakpur, Birgunj, Banepa and many other places. The company plans to appoint another 30 showrooms and service centers all across Nepal within next 6 months to satisfy its customers by providing them a quality service.

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runner bikes in nepal

Likewise, Raman Motors has also announced to provide financial service for Runner Bikes through its another subsidiary company, Raman Investments.

To get full specifications of Runner Bikes, pay a visit to our post here or contact Raman Motors on their official Facebook page.

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