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RFID Posts to be Implemented at Major Entry Points in Kathmandu

The Department of Transport Management is planning to implement Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) posts in major entry points of Kathmandu. These posts will read specially made RFID number plates and allow the vehicles to pass.

rfid posts in kathmandu
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Under the new system, officials will be able to track movements of vehicles after reading the radio-frequency information kept on their embossed number plates. This, in turn, will assist the police in arresting people involved in criminal activities.

This system will only work if all vehicles have machine-readable RFID number plates. So, the government has started installing such number plates in vehicles. And very soon it will be made compulsory for all vehicles in Nepal.

In the first phase of the project, RFID posts will be present in five entry points of Kathmandu Valley informs DoTM spokesperson Tokraj Pandey. These five entry points are Naagdhunga, Jorpati, Nagarjun, Sanga, and Dakshinkali. After the first phase, these posts will be established in five major cities outside the Valley.

The DoTM is currently working on land acquisition. It will start the construction works after the local governments approve the land acquisition.

Pandey hopes that this new system will also help to manage the transportation system in the Valley.

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