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THL Granted the Licence to Construct the Lower Seti Hydropower Project

Tanahu Hydropower Ltd.(THL) has been granted the licence to construct the Lower Seti hydropower project in Tanahu district, reports The Himalayan Times. THL, that is a subsidiary company of Nepal Electricity Authority, was granted the licence by the Department of Electricity Development(DoED).

Nabin Raj Sing, director general of DoED said that the Lower Seti project will be constructed on ‘peaking run of the river’ model. He also informed that the awarded licence will be valid for two years.

THL, upon directions from Kul Man Ghising, managing director of NEA, had started the process of acquiring the licence for the project from April.

This project could only be acquired by the developer after paying a set fee at once. And so, THL had to pay Rs. 20 million at once to acquire the licence for the project.

THL is also working on the Tanahu hydropower project. This project uses its reservoir water during the dry season. The Lower Seti project can also utilize the same reservoir.

Lower Seti will be built at Keshartar, Tanahu, which is 33 km away from Narayanghat and 19 km upstream from the point of convergence of Seti and Trishuli rivers. The damn will be built 20 kilometres below the powerhouse of Tanahu hydropower project.

This project is estimated to cost $220 million and it will produce 440 million units of energy annually after completion.

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