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Relief Packages Introduced by the Government That We Techies Must Know!

The two-week lockdown imposed by the government has caused a huge disruption in the day-to-day roster of the people. This critical necessity has put in between the devil and the deep blue sea. Those people who really need to work hard everyday to make ends meet; are suffering a lot. Thus, the government has been setting up various sessions in this two weeks’ time frame to gather up relief packages for the people.

And of course, as the title refers; reliefs were assimilated from the technical sectors of Nepal. There are a couple of really important aids that we must all be aware of. Here’s a basic outline of those packages deployed by the government:

NRB Increases Daily & Monthly Limits on Digital Transactions

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the central bank of Nepal, has issued a new dictum which hereby increases the digital transaction limits considering the current Covid-19 outbreak crisis. In order for people to adhere to the current online banking standards and reduce human interaction as much as possible, NRB has decided to advance this directive.

To know more about the dictum in detail, you may proceed to read this article.

NEA Extends Date to Clear Electricity Bill

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has announced that the dates to clear electricity bill are extended indefinitely. Furthermore, it is being done to prevent customers from rushing to the payment counter to clear the dues, which might increase the risk of virus transmission.

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Moreover, NEA will not impose any fines or cut-off power to such household for the time being. Subsequently, all staffers of NEA will be on-duty to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply of every household.

Additionally, Nepal Electricity Authority will give 25 percent discount to users who use up to 150 units of electricity in a month.

NTA Urges Telecoms to Provide Bonus Balance, Loans and Discount on Data Packs

Telecom companies will provide a 25 percent discount on internet data packages. The government will make necessary arrangements for discount from private telecom companies. Earlier, NTA had instructed telecoms to provide 100% bonus balance and increase the Sapati amount up to Rs 200.

You can read more about the balance schemes from here.

Aside from these basic technicalities, Government has also issued the following necessary directives:

  • Ban on import of vehicles worth over Rs 6 million
  • Deadline for renewal of driver’s license, vehicle registration, pollution test and route have been extended until May 13. No additional fines will be charged.
  • The deadline to pay for electricity, drinking water, telephone and internet will be extended and no extra fines will be charged for the delay in payment till May 13
  • Employers (industrialists and businessperson) in the formal sector will pay salaries to their workers even during the lockdown
  • The government urges landlords of those working in various unorganized sectors to exempt one month’s rent.
  • 10 percent discount on food items, including rice, pulses and lentils among other items, brought from government food companies including Food Management and Trading Company and Salt Trading Corporation Limited
  • Free insurance of Rs 2.5 million for health professionals, including doctors, nurses, health technicians, health volunteers, cleaners, ambulance drivers, directly-involved security personnel, who are involved in the treatment and control of Covid-19 spread until July 15
  • Government will provide minimum currency exchange facility so that Nepali students pursuing studies abroad won’t lack expense amount

There are a couple of other such relief packages as well. For now, these are some of the most crucial packages everybody needs to be aware of. So, do share whatever knowledge you may gain from here with your family and friends.

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