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Covid-19 Outbreak: NTC and Ncell Provide Bonus Balance on Recharge!

COVID-19 has brought forth a scenario where we can’t even leave the comfort our four walls. In this confined situation, the best we can do is opt out for alternatives. Keeping this particular thought in mind, NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) board set up an online meeting recently. The agenda of the meeting was to direct telecoms to provide a bonus on each recharge.

Bonus systems have been around for quite some time now. Most Telecommunications platform (NTC and NCELL) have been providing a bonus of Rs 10 or Rs 20 in certain scenarios. In this current pandemic crisis as well, NTA came to the conclusion of handing out a 100% bonus on recharge.

NTC, as per the directive will be providing a 100% bonus on all recharges that exceed the Rs 10 mark. Meaning that for each recharge you get the same amount as bonus.

For instance, let’s say you recharged Rs 100 on to your phone through cards, or online platforms. As per the current directive, you will get an additional Rs 100 free of charge.

Ncell on the other hand was only providing a 50% bonus on recharges. But after dissatisfaction expressed by the media and other regulators, Ncell has bumped it up to a 120%! Moreover, Ncell has also bounced the validity period for 3 days.

But there’s a condition involved though. The minimum recharge amount should at least cross Rs 50.

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However, there are a Few Things to Note…

NTC and Ncell are definitely providing bonus on recharge but there are few things to note about.

As per NTC, the limitations set on the bonus recharge are,

  • Bonus Balance Cannot Be Transferred
  • Can be used for NT-NT call, NT-NT SMS and Data all in Pay as You Go mode
  • Offer Valid Up to 01 April 2020
  • Available on both Recharge Card and Online Recharge (MPOS) from eSewa, Khalti, Banks.
  • Bonus validity is different for different recharge amount
    • Recharge Card: Rs. 50 & Rs.100 – 2 days
    • Recharge Card: Rs. 200 & Rs. 500 – 4 days
    • Recharge Card: Rs. 100 – 6 days
    • MPOS: Rs.10-99 – 2 days
    • MPOS: Rs. 100-499 – 4 days
    • MPOS: Rs. 500-999 – 8 days
    • MPOS: Rs. 1000 and above – 10 days
  • Dial *1415*55# to check Bonus amount and validity

For people using the Ncell services, any customer who recharges the amount higher than Rs 50, will get the 120% bonus. Ncell says you can use the bonus amount for the call, SMS within Ncell and Pay as You Go Data service. Ncell did also contribute a large sum of Rs 100 Million to the government handled corona facility to tackle Covid-19.

Since we are in a lockdown situation, the implementation of bonus credits will be major help. So, do make sure to use these alternatives to their fullest to prevent yourself and others around you from being affected.

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