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Private Vehicles Must Install Embossed Number Plates Within This Fiscal

Embossed Number Plate
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The installment of high-security embossed number plates in private vehicles, registered in Bagmati zone has been made mandatory, reports The Himalayan Times.

The embossed number plate was formally launched by the government from August 21. It is a technically advanced number plate that will facilitate regulation and management of vehicles.

According to the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), all private vehicle owners, besides two-wheelers, with the number plate starting with ‘BA’ have to get embossed plate within the end of this fiscal year.

The deadline for installing the new number plate has been prepared according to the registration lot of vehicles. The transportation management authority also announced that the government-owned vehicles most affix the embossed plate by mid-April, 2018. Likewise, the owners of three or four wheeler private vehicles of lot numbers between 1 and 12 have also been directed to change their number plate within the same deadline.

Similarly, the three-and four-wheelers with the lot number 13 and above must install the embossed plate at the end of the fiscal year. The owners of the private vehicle of this group can also change their number plate to the new system before mid-April if they wish to do so.

Even though the federal system and provincial system is being implemented in the country, the number plate has been embossed according to the zonal codes. However, Tok Raj Pandey, spokesperson for DoTM assured that they will change the number plates again as per the name of provinces in the future for free. This decision of DoTM has been receiving a lot of criticism.

Pandey also mentioned that the provincial code will be pasted on the embossed plate, which would help identify the province in which the vehicle was registered. He added that after completing the installation of embossed number plates in Bagmati zone, the DoTM will expand the project across the country. The government office has also planned to start installing new number plate system on two-wheelers and public vehicles in the next phase.

The installation of embossed number plates is believed to control the incidences of vehicle thefts and misuse. DoTM ensured that the number plate cannot be changed easily; the plate will be fixed using locking mechanism.

According to DoTM, the charge for the embossed number plate has been fixed at Rs 2,500 for motorbikes, Rs 3,200 for light four-wheelers and tractors, and Rs 3,600 for heavy vehicles.

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