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Runaway Criminals to be Caught More Easily

Occasionally, there are incidents of crime and murder in Kathmandu Valley. Due to lack of technology, most of the criminals are able to dodge police case and custody for a long period of time. The government has decided to take measures to avoid such situations.

The government is planning to connect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system in some areas of the valley. According to the Department of Transport Management, with this technology, runaway criminals can be caught within a short span of time.

The process of connecting the Embossed number plate reader gate in different districts of the valley has already started. According to the department, in the first phase the gate is being planted in Nagarhanga, Jorpi, Nagarjuna, Saga and Dakshinkali Naka.

Dr. Tokra Raj Pandey, the department spokesperson, has mentioned that five major cities outside the valley are also preparing to establish a state of the art system for the second phase.

Pandey informed that the process of land acquisition for the first phase has already started. According to him, the gate will be connected to the relevant local level after acquiring the land.

The Tiger-Decator Company which is printing the embossed plate will connect these gates. The government believes that the system will become a useful aspect of the transportation department.

According to the Director General of the Division, Rupanarayan Bhattarai, the records from the gate reader will be provided automatically to the government. After some time, all the vehicles will be required to have an embossed plate leading to the record of the vehicles’ whereabouts being accessible to police easily through the gate readers.

How does this technology work?

Number and letters are placed on the plate through a mechanical medium. A number of small signals that can be read by reader machine are placed in the corner of the number plate. Security Bar Code is placed behind the plate.

The plate will also contain the radio frequency information device. This device keeps track of the location and condition of the vehicle. After connecting to a gate, it will give the whereabouts of the vehicle to the nearest tower.

With the help of the chip attached to the plate, details of the vehicle can be read by machine. The chips contain the immediate detail of the vehicle. A sticker of the chip will be mounted on the vehicles with an embossed number plate. The sticker will also contain the immediate details of the vehicle.

Police can carry the hand-held reader machine to easily check the embedded number plate. The gate kept in the highways also keeps track of the ride. Details of any ride passing through the gate will be read and will be automatically entered on the computer system.

From this technology, the police and the department can get the real-time location of vehicles. The department believes that this technollogy will help the police to control crime.

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