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Over Ten Thousand Voter Complaints Addressed in 8 Months

Image Courtesy: The Himalayan Times

The Election Commission (EC) of Nepal addressed the complaints from over 10 thousand voters in 8 months, reports The Rising Nepal.

EC had opened its call centre from April 28 to December 15. Since then, the centre addressed a total of 10,469 complaints relating to the local level, House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections.

Out of the total complaints, 4,502 were concerned with the voter name list, 512 were related to voter education, 269 were about code of conduct, 222 related to voting process, 89 about the EC website, seven were about security and 2,866 have been categorized as others.

The call centre that started two weeks before the first round of local elections was established to ask queries during the elections and the election procedure. It was started with the aim to create a platform to complain of any violation of code of conduct during the election. People could call the toll free number anytime of the day and present their queries and complaints to the call operator.

Upon receiving queries and complaints, EC had said that they would act promptly to resolve it.

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