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Nepal Tourism Board to Make Website in Chinese Language

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the main tourism promotion body in the country, is set to open its website in the Chinese language, reports Xinhua news. The website will specifically target Chinese tourists, as they contribute a large amount to the tourist flow in Nepal.

Why it matters:

  • China is the second largest source of tourist to Nepal, second to Indian tourists. In 2017, there were a total of 104,664 tourists from China and 160,832 tourists from India visiting Nepal.
  • Deepak Raj Joshi, the chief executive officer at NTB, told Xinhua on Saturday that they were working on the Chinese language-based website. He said that that they had targeted to open it within the next month.
  • The NTB has written to the Nepali embassy in Beijing to find a credible Chinese host for the Chinese language website.

What they are saying:

  • Joshi said, “In the website, the information about destinations being liked by the Chinese tourists, major tourism destinations, various activities, foods, locations where the Chinese foods are available, information about the guide services and the air routes to Nepal will be available.”
  • “Stakeholders told us that it is better to find a Chinese host to have an unhindered operation of the website,” he added.

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