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Nepal Telecom Decides Not to Reconstruct Dharahara

After the failure of Nepal Government to assure the security to the investment of Nepal Telecom(NT), NT has decided not to reconstruct Dharahara that was severely damaged during the earthquake 2015.

However, NT is still willing to donate Rs. 1 billion to the government for the project as it had committed earlier.

The Nepal Reconstruction Authority has already been informed about the decision, says the telecommunication service provider.

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The Government had designed the new model of Dharahara and had estimated that the project might require an investment of Rs 4 billion.

After the withdrawal of NT from the project, the government plan has been pushed into limbo.

According to OnlineKhabar, NT had proposed to construct shopping malls and other recreational buildings in the premises of Dharahara and the Government rejected this plan causing NT to decide not to reconstruct the damaged Dharahara. It has assured that it was ready to invest as much as Rs 7 billion if the government accepted its proposal.

However, the government side insisted that the premises should be left open.

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