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Nepal.gov.np Official Email Now Mandatory For Government Employees

The government has made it mandatory for all their employees and offices to use official Nepal Government email.

Why it matters:

  • The government has made this decision in order to make their services digital and fast, which was a part of this year’s budget plan.
  • Emails will be the primary means of communication between different government departments, sections, and offices.
  • Government employees also do not need to fill up paper forms to get permission for leave and visits as all these transactions will be done via official government email with their personal digital signatures.

The Details:

  • The domain for the government email is mail.nepal.gov.np, which cannot be hosted outside of Nepal.
  • The government employees will have an email address of the following format: firstname.lastname@nepal.gov.np.
  • The email is only to be used for official government related subjects and not for personal use.

One more thing:

Recently PM Oli also directed the Ministers in his cabinets to start using computers. He said that ministers not using computers would be sacked. The government is slowly working its way to being paperless.

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