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Nepal is Now Free From Load-shedding

As per Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Nepal has ended load-shedding in the industrial sector as well.

The Backstory:

  • It has been around a year since the load-shedding in the residential area ended.
  • NEA released a statement on Sunday, saying that the load-shedding would be stopped from Monday.
  • Until Saturday, industrial areas had a daily load shedding of 3 hours.

Why it matters:

  • This marks the complete end of load-shedding in Nepal. Back in September 2016, load-shedding first ended in Kathmandu valley and eventually it ended throughout the country.
  • According to NEA Managing Director Kulman Singh Ghising, load-shedding was ended formally due to rise in water level in the rivers boosting electricity production from the run-of-the-river hydropower projects, managing available electricity better and increasing the import of electricity from India.

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