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Neo Festive Offer: Discounts and Freebies on Laptops, Phones, Accessories

Okay, we know Dashain is over. But who will say no to a good Dakshina whatever the time of the year? So, here we are talking about Neoteric’s Darho Dakshina offer. You may have noticed some green-themed tech stores when roaming around New Road or Jawalakhel or all over the valley to be exact. Those green-themed tech stores are Neo-Stores. They sell laptops and electronic gadgets and in this festive season, they have some pretty good discounts and offers that you should take notice.

Basically, Neo store has 3 categories of items they sell: Laptops, Phones, and Accessories. So they have discounts and offers in each. For laptops, cheaper models have bags worth Rs. 2500 free with them. Some models have price discounts and bags free with them. More expensive laptops like Dell XPS 13 have Canon printer and bags free with them. The discounts don’t seem consistent as one model of the Dell XPS 13 has its price slashed while the other doesn’t. So you’ll have to navigate the site properly to find the deal for you. You can do so here.

For phones, the Dakshina scheme is pretty straightforward. There are no price discounts. You get a power bank for free for every phone you buy. And the price and the capacity of the power bank that you get increases as the price of the phone you buy increases. See the phones available here and If you were thinking of buying any one of them, you will get a freebie if you buy it through neo-store.

It’s with accessories that you see a massive price cut. Like this optical mouse from Logitech that cost Rs 2640 before is now available for just 1990. There are other deals on power banks and earphones too. Take a look at them yourselves.

Even though Dashain is over, the deals are not. They just keep coming in. They will keep coming in until Chhath is over. So people, keep checking out TechLekh to keep yourself updated with the newest and hottest deals of the tech world. Also, check out the products at Neo Store, you may find your next laptop or phone or mouse there. Also, as they sell genuine products, you can be assured of the quality of the device you buy.

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