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Ncell Data Usage Grows by 130%

Ncell, one of Nepal’s leading telecom company has seen an increase in data usage by 130 percent this year with the introduction of 4G.

By the numbers:

  • Ncell’s data usage this year was 27.7 million GB compared to 12 million GB a year earlier. This increase helped Ncell to get a total of 17.9 percent revenue growth.
  • This year, 44 percent of Ncell consumers bought various data packs introduced by the company and the number of customers itself increased by 10.9 percent.
  • Currently Ncell 4G is available in 21 cities and Ncell itself has 16.43 million customers.
  • Ncell’s total revenue, however, fell from Rs. 58.65 billion last year to Rs. 58.54 billion in 2017.

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