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Ncell Earns 1 Billion Rupees in Revenue From Data Services

Ncell, a private telecommunication company, earns around 1 Billion Nepali Rupees from data services alone.

The Axiata company, Ncell, is known to have faster and cheaper rate of data packs than compared to the other telecom companies. With a high demand from customers for data service, the figures for data usage has gone up significantly.

Comparing the figures from last year, the data volume has increased by double. According to Axiata’s third-quarter report, the total revenue in that period comes to NRS. 14 Billion 570 Million (14 Arab 57 Crore). The average data revenue per month is near to 1 Billion and the average data consumption of subscribers reached 361 MB per month while the total data volume usage of the network is 7.7 Million GB.

The increment in data usage volume is also estimated due to Ncell 4G service. With 4G services being available in 19 cities, they claim to have 1 Crore 59 Lakh subscribers.

Due to affordable data packs as well as smartphone usage, the data packs are being used by more people.

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