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Nabil Bank Introduces Online Payment With Debit/Credit Cards

People can now use their debit, credit and prepaid cards for online payment in Nepal. And we have Nabil Bank to thank for it.

Nabil Bank has recently introduced a service that allows electronic card holders to use their smartphones, tablets, and computers to pay for any online service that is linked to its electronic payment gateway. Customers need not have a bank account at Nabil or use electronic cards issued by the bank only. They can use different cards and from different banks for online payment in Nepal.

nabil introduces new online payment in nepal
Source: The Kathmandu Post

A formal program was held on Friday to launch the new service.

In the program, Nepal Rastra Bank Governor Chiranjibi Nepal said, “We have always advocated for the presence of healthy, good and modern payment system. Nabil Bank has gone a step further to introduce this platform.”

While Nabil Bank CEO Sashin Joshi informed, “At present, Nepali hotels are paying up to 40 percent of what they earn as commission to international mediating companies, like hotels.com, to attract business.”

This gateway service provided by Nabil Bank can revolutionize the Nepal’s e-commerce industry by providing a chance to engage in online trading and open online businesses.

Nepal has e-wallets services and internet banking services. But customers using these need to create separate accounts to participate in online buying and selling. But with Nabil’s gateway, there is no longer a need for it.

According to Nabil bank, the card users need not worry about security while making an online payment in Nepal, as safety protocols developed by companies like Visa and Mastercard are being followed.

Nabil Bank CEO Joshi said, We use 3D security, which is the state-of-the-art technology and most secure. We will continue to upgrade the security system to ward off emerging threats and protect our clients.

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