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5 Ways to Make Your Old Phone Feel Like New

In today’s time, we are in a very lucky position that we can change smartphones every now and then. We swap small screen phones for a larger device with a big screen or maybe we prefer phones with larger batteries better.

You may change smartphones often but sooner or later, you will realize that every smartphone has the capability to be noble, to be an enjoyable experience, to be a fun device to use. But it’s just that when you use the same device for the long amount of time, you start feeling bored.

Today, I am going to elaborate to you how you can reconstruct the same feeling you had when you held the device for the first time.

Use Skins

One of the major things you can get bored of about your phone is its external look. There are different things which can be done to change the look of the device.

Traditionally, you can go and buy a smartphone back cover which is easily available in the market. You can choose a back cover from a series of choices but, a back cover comes with an added bulkiness and makes the phone heavy.

Luckily, there is a savior in the form of skins. You can use a skin on the back of your phone without drastically affecting form factor of your phone. A skin can mimic the look and feel of carbon fiber, woods, stone, and many more. It can significantly provide added grip, scratch protection and more importantly it can also make your smartphone feel anew.

Install Games

Image Courtesy: GameSkinny.com

Another reason that might make you feel bored while using your phone is having nothing to do with it. One good game is enough to shake off your feelings and remind you what an enjoyable experience your phone can provide.

There are various endless games on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store having replay value. You can just install them and enjoy the experience. Right now, PUBG is a must-play if you haven’t played it already.

Use Accessories

It’s not always software that can enhance your smartphone experience. There are some nifty smartphone accessories which can help to reinvent your smartphone experience.

Get a monopod and higher storage SD card and you can start enjoying your phone in a new way. Especially now, when the smartphone screens are getting bigger and brighter and speakers are improving.

If you are into photography, you have got added benefits like external lenses which can be fun to play around with. It gets even more interesting with 360 cameras meant for use with the smartphones. Yeah, they are pretty expensive but they will for sure help you in creating best memories.

Customize Home Screen

No matter what phone you might be using, the main screen where you would always be interacting is home screen of your phone. You can revolutionize it and create something that completely contrasts with your current home screen setup. Maybe something which changes the animation, the colors, the icons and gives you an actual new look.

You can start by getting a new launcher. Some of the famous ones are ADW launcher, Action launcher as well as Nova launcher which is pretty famous for its customization.

Customize using Spray Paints

Image Courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja2Ye_c2ENI

If you really want to take the customization to the next level, you can do spray paints which probably sounds like a crazy idea. But, if you are careful with it and get a right product, you can truly customize the experience to exactly how you want it.

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