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“Blogging lets you express your opinion freely” says, Lex Limbu – Founder of lexlimbu.com [Interview]

When Lex Limbu first started writing blogs, he was just one bored teenager who found the internet interesting and wanted to utilize this medium of communication. And today he stands as one of the most renowned bloggers in our country. With over 40,000 unique visitors each month and above 90,000 followers on Facebook, his blog lexlimbu.com is one of the most visited sites in Nepal and the ruling website covering the entertainment industry of Nepal.

Homepage@LexLimbu     |     Photo credit: lexlimbu.com

For the 24-year-old post-graduate student of King’s College London, blogging has always been a hobby which started when he began reading the blogs that focused on Hollywood celebrities and thought it would be fascinating to have one which focused on Nepali celebrities. After 8 years of writing, he still considers blogging as a hobby rather than a career option.

Lex Limbu     |     Photo Credit: Prerana Gurung

We had a conversation with the blogging sensation Lex Limbu where we asked him about his journey of writing blogs so far. This is what he shared with us:

Q.  Tell us a bit about your blogging, what are the things that you write?

Lex:  Whilst my blog originally focused more on Nepali cinema, entertainment, and celebrities, nowadays it’s a mixture of Nepali arts and entertainment as well as rising businesses, a focus on travel and lifestyle posts as well as events and the happenings of the Nepali diaspora. I like the different mix that blogging has and I try my best to cover areas that I am not familiar or interested in to make sure that there’s something for everyone. However, it is something I do at a leisurely pace now so it may be very slow for the everyday reader.

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Q. What is the factor that interests you in blogging?

Lex: Blogging can be brief, straight to the point and lets you express your opinion freely, those are the winning factors. On top of that, I believe I can express myself better in words. Though I don’t do personal blogs as much, written words are something I am more comfortable in sharing. Other than that, it’s a great way to share something and have that remain online. I like the idea of reading too, so I just hope people continue reading, blogs, newspapers, books whatever it is. I know there are so many different options these days, but still, we need more readers.

Lex Limbu@Sydney Harbour Bridge     |     Photo credit: lexlimbu.com

Q. What are the opportunities and challenges for a blogger today?

Lex: Talking about challenges, I believe more people want to watch a short video or just read the headline these days, so it has definitely become a trying task to get people to actually visit blogs and read them. However, the opportunities are wonderful. It’s a great way to share and if you attract a good following then you’ll probably get to meet some incredible people along the way and that could open up other works, and endorsement opportunities. Even though I haven’t made much money directly from blogging, I have received amazing opportunities and made additional income indirectly from the blog.

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Q. What are the things that a person who just started blogging needs to know?

Lex: It’s important to be current and updated about happenings as they take place as a blogger, whether that’s knowing what’s happening in the technology scene or the film industry. It’s even better if you are actually interested in what you’re writing about, it makes the process of writing and sharing, fun. I feel like it’s good to have more knowledge on computer hacks and internet tricks, designing and so much more – these are areas that I have so much to learn about. I have also realized that having a team would be great; bringing in a few people with a unique set of skill and work together.

I’d like to add that we’re witnessing so many fake news or news based on assumptions going viral which results in misinformation and at times, unnecessary anger from people. It’s important that as bloggers or people using social media, we must be aware of what others read, where they’re reading from, and question the validity of the blog or news website before we believe it or share it on social media. This is as important as I often see people sharing hoax updates from websites that seem to exist merely to gain a few hits.


Digital media is one of the most popular forms of journalism today. While all of us are talking about supporting and enhancing our entertainment industry, digital media can actually play a great role in it. Lex has been doing a great job is providing exposure to the Nepalese entertainment industry through his blogs and plans to continue doing so. We wish him all the best with that!

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