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Now You Can Use “Khalti” Digital Wallet App in Nepali Language

Khalti is a Nepali digital wallet that has been in operation since 2017. Since then, they have experienced massive growth as they recently crossed 1 million downloads on Play store.

As much as it owes it’s success to simple and easy to use UI, good support and the constant updates has helped it climb the ladder of popularity. Except for usual top-ups and utility payments, you can even pay for rides such as Pathao.

Plus, you can easily shop via Khalti itself from the Bazar section. There are plenty of vendors in the Bazar section providing a wide variety of services.

Khalti app in nepali language

Except for these, now you can buy the Ncell data pack and voice pack directly from Khalti. This is one of the latest features that has been added to Khatli. Also, in light of COVID-19, they have added COVID-19 insurance facility and donation feature to its app recently.

Experience Khalti App in Nepali

Now that you that Khalti is an ever-growing platform with constant new features and updates. You should know that Khalti is now available in the Nepali language as well.

Previously, Khalti didn’t have an option for the Nepali language. But, now you can change your preferred language to Nepali.

Though it’s not the first digital wallet company to localize its app, it is a useful feature that will increase its appeal and user base.

Khalti app in Nepali langugae
Khalti App in Nepali Language @ Screenshots

As someone who uses English as their primary language for work, media consumption, and various other things, we might not take it as a major update. But, it’s great for people who can only use the Nepali language.

Social media apps such as Facebook have the availability of local language and also it’s not hard to scroll through the screen. But, using a digital wallet in an unfamiliar language is a difficult task. Thus, the availability of the Nepali language is a plus for both consumers and providers.

Now, you might not need to but you could enable it on your parent’s phone and teach them to use Khalti. Here’s how to do it.

How to Enable Nepali Language on Khalti App

Step 1: Open Khalti

Hey, you should know how to open the app right? Open it already and skip to the next step.

Step 2: Go to More section

On the bottom menu, you should find a “More” section. Press it!

Go to More section khalti
Go to More section

Step 3: Go to Settings

Then, click on settings to open the app settings menu.

Go to Settings
Go to Settings

Step 4: Change Language

Now, you will see language option under security settings. There you can choose Nepali as the preferred language. After you choose the option, the app will restart for the change to take effect.

Change Language
Change Language

This update helps users to use the app in our own language. It will help the app gather more users as well. Previously, users who could not use it due to the unavailability of the Nepali language might return to use it now.

Also, there are not many digital wallets that have options to use the Nepali language. Except for CellPay and now Khalti, I did not find any. If you know any other, let me know in the comments.

So, what do you think about this update? Should more digital wallets introduce Nepali language to cater to a larger mass of users?

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