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IME Motors Launches Customer App: Automakers in Nepal Mulling to Go Digital!

Amidst a global pandemic, everyday life is yet to be normal. Unfortunately, each and every part of the economy has come to a stretching halt. Taking the current situation into account, it seems pretty clear.

We have to make the best of things. In all honestly, some of us already have.

Perhaps, it might be a curse turned into a blessing. Most of the industry is taking its business online. Whether it’s the E-commerce Market or Digital Payment Platform or Education, everyone is going online.

So, it was just a matter of fact before automakers took their business online. Interestingly, IME Motors becomes the first distributor to take the digital path.

IME Motors, the authorized distributors of Ashok Leyland in Nepal, has launched an interactive mobile application on Google Play Store. Simply named “IME Motors”, it functions as an all-in-one hub for everything related to Ashok Leyland.

ime motors app

IME Motors App Key Features

#1. Information about the Ashok Leyland Vehicles

IME Motors app neatly lays out every spec’s details, variants, and features. That’s true for all the Ashok Leyland vehicles available in Nepal.

Moreover, you can browse through six different categories, which include Bus, Truck, Tipper, LCV, and Escorts. If you are interested, you can directly view the brochure or even request a price quotation!

ime motors app ashok leyland nepal
Ashok Leyland Vehicle Information @ IME Motors App

#2. Information about Dealers & Service Centers

Similarly, the IME Motors app also layout information about nearby sales locations, dealerships, service centers, and part outlets. But that’s not the cool part! It provides information to users based on their current location!

When you select a specific location, the app will automatically provide you with all the necessary contact information.

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#3. Offers & More

On top of all that, the IME Motors app regularly notifies users about the latest news, offers, schemes, service camps, and new product launch. Additionally, it comes with an event calendar, EMI calculator, testimonials, FAQs, and so much more!

If there’s any update on the brand, the app users will be the first ones to know!

ime motos app features
Various Features @ IME Motors App

#4. Owner’s Information

IME Motors app will include an extra feature for the users who own an Ashik Leyland vehicle.

You simply start with registering in the app with your email. After that, verify your customer code. Then, this will give you access to vehicle information, transaction history, and service activity. So, you can digitally plan your activities.

Honestly, this is one of the more well-built apps! Every aspect of the app feels smooth and on-point. As of this writing, the app has 500+ downloads. Interestingly, IME Motors has set a standard for the other automakers to follow.

While it might be difficult to take the digital path, but if one does it correctly as IME Motors, it comes off as perfection!

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