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ISPs in Nepal Quietly Raise Prices of Their Base Internet Plans


  • ISPs in Nepal silently increase the prices of base internet plans, ending the price war.
  • WiFi Nepal, CG Net, and DishHome raise the prices of their internet packages.
  • NTA issues notice urging ISPs to adhere to approved tariff rates.

Internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal are silently increasing the prices of their base internet plans.

ISPs in Nepal silently raise their internet price
ISPs in Nepal silently raise their internet price

This suggests that ISPs have collectively decided to put an end to the internet price war that started following the introduction of CG Net in 2021.

With this, WiFi Nepal, widely touted as Nepal’s most affordable internet provider, has raised the prices of all its internet packages.

Months (without VAT) 50 Mbps (old) 50 Mbps (new) 80 Mbps (old) 80 Mbps (new)
1 Month Rs. 400 Rs. 850 Rs. 550 Rs. 950
3 Months Rs. 1100 Rs. 2300 Rs. 1600 Rs. 2575
12 Months Rs. 4000 Rs. 8600 Rs. 6000 Rs. 9600

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Likewise, CG Net, the ISP that initiated the speed and price rivalry among ISPs in Nepal, has also raised its internet prices and discontinued the availability of its base internet packages offering speeds of 50Mbps (Rs. 649 per month), 75Mbps (Rs. 730 per month), and 130Mbps (Rs. 799 per month).

Its current most affordable internet plan is the Sprinter, which provides speeds of 150Mbps at a cost of Rs. 1,050 per month.

Months (without VAT) 50 Mbps (old) 75 Mbps (old) 130 Mbps (old) 150 Mbps (new)
1 Month Rs. 649 Rs. 730 Rs. 940 Rs. 1050
3 Months Rs. 1947 Rs. 2160 Rs. 2685 Rs. 2750
6 Months Rs. 3894 N/A N/A Rs. N/A
12 Months Rs. 7788 Rs. 8160 Rs. 9588 Rs. 10500

Similarly, DishHome, a home TV service provider and ISP in Nepal, has also raised the prices of its base internet packages. Previously, the annual cost for existing users began at Rs. 6,180 for the 75Mbps plan, but now it stands at Rs. 9,630.

Months (without VAT) 75 Mbps (old) 75 Mbps (new) 100 Mbps (old) 100 Mbps (new) 150 Mbps (old) 150 Mbps (new) 200 Mbps (old) 200 Mbps (new) 250 Mbps (old) 250 Mbps (new)
12 Months Rs. 6180 Rs. 9630 Rs. 8244 Rs. 10260 Rs. 9888 Rs. 10575 Rs. 10440 Rs. 10789 Rs. 10992 Rs. 12420

In a similar fashion, Vianet, another well-known ISP in Nepal, has also discontinued its 75Mbps internet plan. Currently, their lowest-priced internet option is the 200Mbps plan, priced at Rs. 1,300 per month.

Likewise, Worldlink’s cheapest internet plan is the 200Mbps plan, which costs Rs. 1,300 per month. Meanwhile, Classic Tech’s lowest-tier option is a 150Mbps plan, available for Rs. 1,422 per month.

NTA Urges ISPs not to charge more than the approved tariff rate

Regarding the sudden price hike from the majority of ISPs in Nepal, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) issued a notice on May 15, 2023. The notice urges ISPs not to charge more than the approved tariff rate and warns of consequences for non-compliance.

Furthermore, the notice mentioned that internet service providers’ intention to raise the fees/tariffs for internet services in a mutual agreement is against the Telecommunications Act, 2053 (1997) and the Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2063 (2007).

NTA notice regarding sudden internet price hike from ISPs
NTA notice regarding sudden internet price hike from ISPs

Additionally, the NTA emphasizes that licensed telecommunication service providers must obtain approval from the authority and publish a notice to customers and the general public regarding the implementation of fees and tariffs for the services they offer. This notice should explicitly mention the date of approval for the fees and tariffs set by the authority.

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