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Internet to be Made Available in All Local Units within Two Years

The government has decided to make Internet service available to all local units within the next two years. This decision was a result of the recent National Development Action Committee (NDAC) meeting.

What they are saying:

According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) Spokesperson, Min Prasad Aryal, the contracts for making the Internet connection have already been signed with the Internet Service Providers (ISP).

The Details:

  • The NTA hopes to make the connection possible within a year. Around 150 local units do not have a connection to banking services at the moment.
  • Another important result of the meeting was the decision to make explosives commercially in Nepal; the raw materials will be brought in from India. The production will be done by Nepal Army in its factory.
  • The explosives are to be used for infrastructure projects such as digging tunnels and constructing roads. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies will discuss with India for importing raw materials.
  • The committee has also decided to identify poor citizens in 51 districts and to make programs targeting those already identified.
  • A study committee is to be formed for recommending appropriate benefit-sharing modality to address the demands put forward by the local community of Melamchi Water Supply project in Sindhupalchowk.
  • The committee has also decided to make a software application, which will be used by local level provinces to routinely report their progress to the central government.

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