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Electric Buses to be Operated in Lalitpur to Reduce Air Pollution

The Lalitpur Metropolitan City is preparing to use electric buses within their area to reduce the air pollution.

Why it matters:

Air pollution is one of the most pressing issues that Nepal is currently facing; Nepal was ranked last among the 180 countries for the quality of air in the recent global Environment Performance Index (EPI). This step taken by the metropolis is a positive step to reduce air pollution.

The Details:

  • The plan is to operate three electric buses by mid-September. Each bus will have the seating capacity of 40 people. The metropolis has allocated Rs, 30 million for funding the buses.
  • According to Mayor of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Chiribabu Maharjan, the metropolis is coordinating with a Chinese company, BYD Auto Cooperatives, for procuring the buses. He also said that depending on the results of these buses, if the results were positive, the electric buses would be the first priority of the metropolis.

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