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Dongfeng RICH NEW, DFSK’s New Luxury Pickup Truck, Coming Soon in Nepal: Priced Amazingly!

Recently, we reported that Ssangyong Musso Grand is coming in Nepal. As I was writing that article, I had hoped we’d see more competition on the luxury pick up category. I guess today’s my lucky day because that wish did come true!

Dongfeng—a subsidiary of DFSK Motors—is planning to launch a new category of luxury pickup trucks called Dongfeng Rich in Nepal. So, what’s the catch? Price! Despite belonging to the “luxury variant”, the price is anything but that!

According to Kuzu Nepal Pvt. Ltd., the authorized dealers of DFSK motors in Nepal, DF Rich (Petrol Variant) is expected to be priced at Rs. 59,80,000. That’s especially crazy because it is expected to be a top tier model. Furthermore, it will be showcased at NADA Auto Show 2019 along with DFSK Glory 580. Moreover, it will also be available in the Diesel variant.

If you forgot about the very interesting DFSK Glory 580, click here. Basically, you get a luxury SUV at half the standard price! Well, you could say that’s their business moto!

Dongfeng Rich New Overview

Dongfeng Rich is powered by a 2438cc advanced MT20 engine. Yes, it is a Four-Wheel Drive (4WD). Furthermore, it is capable of generating max power at 102kw at 4600-5000rpm and max torque of 217Nm at 2600-3200rpm. Likewise, it comes with a fuel capacity of 60L, with average mileage at 8.2kmpl.

Talking about the features, you are expected to get the standard luxury package like ABS+EBD, dual airbags, auto-dimming mirrors, AC, leather seats, large infotainment system, and so on.

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I haven’t seen this truck in-person, so I don’t want to go in detail. But going at the specs sheet, it sure does sound awesome!

Dongfeng Rich New: Expectations

A few years ago, if you had told me that we’d be seeing all the premium SUVs and pickup trucks at half the price, I would’ve called you crazy.

But…Going by the recent trends of both, tech and auto industry, trying to appeal to that person looking at affordability. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing.

Ironically, I thought Musso Grand was affordable at Rs. 73,99 Lakhs. With Dongfeng Rich New available at just Rs. 59.80Lakhs, what do you call that?

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I know I’m overhyping this truck for everyone, so let’s just take it easy for now. We are going to review both DF Rich New and DFSK Glory 580, we’ll post everything we find about it then.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until the review video. We will post a detailed article, once Dongfeng is officially launched in Nepal. Until then stay tuned!

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