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How Tech Companies in Nepal are Responding to COVID-19? [Inside Story]

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has figuratively taken over the entire world and in these times of trouble, we are slowly learning to adapt and overcome. Everybody’s taking measures in-order to remain same in one way or the other.

We did write about how most of the tech world were dealing with Coronavirus a couple of weeks ago. If you’re interested, check it out from here.

But setting the entire world aside for a minute; what sort of response are the Tech Based companies implanting in Nepal? We were a little curious on the matter and so we decided to little digging around. And here’s all the information we got.

Online Transactions Have Been Deemed Complimentary!

Meaning that most companies involved in the transaction scenario; that would include e-Sewa, Khalti and Connect-IPS have deemed online transactions free of cost.

In their recent posts, they each clarified that they have removed bank transfer charges considering the Covid-19 panic.

Khalti – Connect IPS – eSewa Notice

Previously, the bank transfer charges would technically range from Rs 10 to Rs 40 depending on the transaction amount. Currently, in order to avoid as much human interaction, these companies have deemed the charges complimentary.

So, you can stay home and perform transactions easily without having to go to the banks at all!

Awareness Campaigns: “Let’s not Skip Meetings; Instead Skype Them”

These awareness campaign efforts have become sort of a bittersweet experience by now. You notice how when you call someone, you get a ringback tone with message about necessary precautions and protection measures? Well, this was implemented around a few days ago by Nepal Telecom.

Nepal Telecom Awareness Campaign

One recent post from Ncell really caught my eye. “Let’s not skip meetings; instead let’s skype them” is a pretty good example of the awareness campaigns being conducted.

Ncell, Let’s not skip meetings; instead let’s Skype them

Even Tootle, a ride-sharing platform, that mainly relies on people going outside, has urged people to stay inside as much as possible.


Work from Home Storms Every Office in Nepal

After government made it kinda mandatory, pretty much most tech companies have implemented the work from home standards. There were companies that started this trend even before the government’s mandatory notice. Proshore, Genese, and I don’t want to brag but it’s TechLekh as well who were precautionary right after the pandemic.

Slowly but steadily, it managed to hit almost every office in Nepal and starting tomorrow, there’ll hardly be any employees in their offices.

Well, that’s all about the quarantine story for now. Now, do note there are tons of bacteria in your keyboard or smartphones. So, do remember to wash your hands after you finish reading this article.

Lastly, how are you spending your days in quarantine? Do let us know about your days in home in the comments down below.

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